My Wonderland ~ The King And His Shirt ~ by Norma Stevens



Learning how to work and learning how to be satisfied often seems to go hand in hand.

A King once fell gravely ill. As the day passed he grew worse. His doctors and wise men tried cure after cure..but nothing worked. They were ready to give up hope when the king's old nursemaid spoke up.

"I will tell you how to save the king," she said. "If you can find a happy man, and take the shirt from his back, and put it on the king-- then he will recover."

So the King sent forth his messengers. They rode far and wide throughout the kingdom
and nowhere could they find a happy man.

All they found were complaints...complaining about food.. clothes and shelter.

Everywhere they went they heard whining and griping. If a man was rich, he never had enough. If he was not rich, it was someone else's fault.

Finally one night the King's own son was passing a small cottage when he heard someone say, Thank you Lord. I've finished my daily labor, and helped my fellow man. I've eaten my fill and now I can lie down and sleep in peace. What more could I want?"

The prince rejoiced to have found a happy man at last. He gave orders to take the fellow's shirt to the King and pay the owner as much money as he wished.

But when the King's messengers went into the cottage to take the happy man's shirt off his back...they found he was so poor that he had no shirt at all.

Taken from The Moral Compass
by William J. Bennet