My Wonderland ~ Holiday Special ~ by Norma Stevens


Once upon a time....

A little girl lived all alone with her old grandmother.
They were so poor that
they could hardly buy food or clothing.

"Never mind, Grandmother" said the little girl,
"Some day I will be big enough to
take care of you."

But she could not wait until she got big..
she went off to try to gather
some wood to sell.
She took with her some bread,
which was all she had to eat.

It was winter, very cold.
She had a little shawl wrapped around her.

She saw a little boy crying as he was hungry...
She gave him her bread,
and went on to gather wood to sell
for food for her grandmother and herself.

A little farther on, she met another child,
so cold and almost frozen,
so she took off her dress and gave
it to the child.

She saw some sticks and starting picking them up,
but an old lady was trying also to gather sticks
but was so cold.. so she wrapped
her shawl around the old lady.

She stood with nothing on but her little shift.
The wind blew about her, but she was not cold.

She had not eaten, but she was not hungy.
She was fed by her kindness.

She gathered her sticks and started home.
It was growing dark, but an old man stood
there and said, "Please give me your sticks
as I am so cold and too old
to gather any for myself."

She gave him her sticks and said,
"Take them in Heavens name."

Just then the old man became a shining angel.

You have fed the hungry,
clothed the naked,
and given help to those in need.

See!! At once a light shined around the child,
and it looked like the stars were falling.
The stars were diamonds.

They layed thick on the ground.
"Gather them, for they are yours,
"said the angel.

She took home her treasure..
and they lacked for nothing.
They also gave to the poor.
They were not only rich,
but beloved by all who knew them.

Taken from the Moral Compass
by William Bennett..

Love and hope is a part of life's heritage.

Among God's best gifts to us
are the people who love us.