My Wonderland ~ Happy Heart



A close-knit and loving home is worth more than a kingdom, as the little prince discovers in this story.

Once upon a time there was a happy Prince. He was one of the happiest little Prince who ever lived. All day long he laughed and sang and played. His voice was as sweet as music.

Everyone thought that this was due to magic. Hung about the little Prince's neck on a gold chain was a wonderful heart. It was made of gold and set with precious stones.

His godmother gave it to him when he was small and said "To wear this happy heart will keep you happy. Be careful that you do not lose it."

All took care of the Prince to see that the chain was always there. One day, the happy heart was gone. Later in the day they missed him. He had gone to look for the lost heart. He searched all day.

Just as the sun was setting, the little Prince came to a tiny house. It was very poor. and weather stained. A bright light streamed from the windows.

He lifted the latch and went inside. There was a mother taking care of her home.

The father was reading a story out loud. The little daughter was eating at the table. A boy of the Prince's age was tending the fire.

"Wont't you have supper with us?" they said. They did not notice the little Prince's ugly frown."Where are your happy hearts?"the Prince asked. "We do not know what you mean," the boy and girl said.
"Why" the Prince said, "to laugh and be happy as your are one has to wear a gold chain around the neck." "We do not need any hearts

to wear as we all love each other so much and we play that this house is a castle and

that we have turkey and ice cream for supper. After supper, mother will tell us stories.
That is all we need to make us happy."

He had a pleasant time and the the boy walked part of the way home with the little Prince."It's very stange, but I feel just exactly

as if I had found my happy heart."said the Prince. The boy laughed, "Why, you have it, only now you are wearing it inside."

Adapted from The Moral Compass
by William J. Bennett