~ Growing Old ~ by Norma Stevens



My Darling Wife, Just a few lines tonight before
I turn in to let you know that you are
constantly in my thoughts.
There seems to be a delay in my letters
getting through to you so I thought
I would use this V-Mail hoping it
would reach you sooner.

It seems like we have been apart forever.
I will never forget the morning I left
finding that you had lined my coat
with pieces from your dress.
Now the dress that once touched you
is what keeps me warm while
I am away from you.

I touch the coat with my hands and
I close my eyes and for a moment
I am touching you. The flowers in the
material remind me of the ones we
planted before I left. You said they
would come back in the Spring
and maybe by then I will
be coming home too.

Someday this war will be over and we
can begin our lives together again.
I love you and I miss you so very much.

I pray that God will give us many years together.
Grow old along with me,
my love, for the best is yet to be.

Yours forever,