My Wonderland ~ Friends ~ by Norma Jean Stevens


Why do we want friends?

Friends make us happy. They make life interesting and fun for us.
They share our tastes, our desires, our sense of humor.

But real friendship as the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said, "We may describe friendly feeling toward any one as wishing for him what you believe to be good things, not for our own sake, but for his, and being inclined, so far as you can,
to bring these things about."

In other words, friends give each other virtues or good things. Friends give loyalty to one another. They give trust. They help in time of need.

They try to lift each other. They help each other make the right decisions and aim for worthy goals.

Being a friend does not always require what your friends wants you to do. Rather, it requires doing what you believe is best for your friend.

This means you must choose your friends wisely. Your friends tell you a lot about yourself. They tell you what kind of a person you may turn out to be.

Good friends help lift you up, but bad friends will drag you down.

It does not have to be hard in finding and having a friend. You will make more friends by being interested in them than trying to get
people interested in you.

(adapted from the Book of Virtues)
by William Bennett

Friendship is a priceless gift.
Store it in the treasure box of your heart.