My Wonderland ~ Beauty Of A Flower ~ by Norma Stevens


The Poor Man and His Seeds

There was a poor man who possessed
only a very small plot of land
and one small bag of seeds. When
his field was ready for planting,
he rose at sunrise and carefully
started his planting.

At mid day, the sun was beating on his
shoulders, he stopped by a tree stump
to rest. As he sat, a handful of seeds
spilled out of his bag and
fell down a hole under the stump.

"Well, they can do no growing down
there, the man sighed. "I cannot
afford to lose even these few."

He took a shovel and began digging
at the roots of the stump.
The day grew hotter but he kept digging.
When he finally reached
his seeds, he found them lying
on top of a buried box.

Inside of the box he found
gold --- enough gold coins to make
him rich for the rest of his life!

Afterward, people would say to him,
"You must be the luckiest man alive."
"Yes, I was lucky," he would say.
"I was in the field by sunrise,
I dug throughout the hot day,
and I did not waste a single seed."

(taken from Book of Virtues)
by William Bennett