My Wonderland ~ A Father's Love



Young boy nearly grown
Is called away from home
There's something about war
Just ain't right.

Why do you need my son
He is my only one?
On that day a lonely Father, cried
That night the old man prays
Lord I've served you all my days
But this valley may be
More than I can bear.

Did you feel the way I do?
Your Son left home too
Knowin' that so many wouldn't care,
Soon word arrived of
How his son had died.
With tears the old man
Slowly bowed his head

Lord, I taught my son your ways
I just hope he didn't stray.
Then a voice from heaven
Gently said
Child, I do know how you feel
My son died upon a hill
And words cannot
Begin to tell the pain.

I am here so you can see
Your son's right here with Me
Because Golgotha's hill
Was not in vain.

Yes, My Son's precious life
Was your son's gain
So praise his Name!

"Doug Simpson and Friends"
"copyright 1999"
Voice by Wayne Shibley
A young son going off to war.

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This Flame will shine until our troops return home safe to us.