My Wonderland ~ Fathers

Fathers take one day at a time.
To be patient and strong.
To be calm under trial.
And sweet when wrong.

His heart is brave And the soul is strong.
He gives courage and patience
And strength to all.

Responsibility is the willingness to accept
the consequences of your
own actions and performance.
It means accepting a task, doing it to
the best of your ability, and then,
standing by what you have done.

It means living up to your
commitments to friends,
family, community and country.
Responsibile young men and women
do not pass their
work on to someone else.
They do not make excuses.
They do not point fingers to blame.

As you grow older,
you will discover that
your responsibilities are a part
of what you are...
So trying to avoid responsibilities
will not make life any easier...
It will just make you less of
a successful mature human being.

We build a mature sense of responsibility
the same way we develop other
desirable character traits.

We also learn through experience.

Adopted from The Book of Virtues

by William J. Bennett

Our Lord said,
"My grace is sufficient for you."

Dedicated to My Tom
and to all the Fathers.