My Wonderland ~ My Doll


"Hi, Jeanie" said Sammy. "I want to show you my birthday present that I just got. It is a piece of wood and some buttons from my Mother and Dad. I am going to make a ship to sail around the world with the wood and with the buttons, men to sail it. It is the best birthday present that I ever received. I will share it with you Jeanie."

"Ohh thank you Sammy," Jeanie answered, "I am creating something myself and will share with you when I finish."

Jeanie wanted a doll and would look at the many dolls that her friends had. They had such pretty dolls. Dolls with bride dresses, dolls with long dresses,just pretty dolls. Jeanie�s parents did not have a lot of money and could not give Jeanie her doll.

Jeanie was going to design her own doll. She saw some freshly made tar put on the walkway and took a stick and started digging. She then formed some balls and rolled them together and got some sticks and put on for arms and legs, and some grass for the hair.She added some small pebbles for eyes and a nose and several

pebbles side by side for a mouth. "Ohhhhhh she is just beautiful, my little tar doll.

Oh Tar Doll you are the prettiest because you are mine and I made you."

Jeanie rushed over to visit

Sammy to show him her little Tar Doll. Together, Jeanie and Sammy played with their new creations

"What fun we are having together," said Sammy and Jeanie.

It is the little things in life that are important.

It is creating and enjoying what we have created.

By Norma Stevens