My Wonderland ~ Holly A Ballerina ~ by Norma Stevens


Holly was a little dreamer. She would dream of being a ballerina, but she had brothers and sisters and had to help with them.

On her way home from school one day, she took the short way home because it was cold and she heard music coming from the theatre building. She found a door ajar and went into the building. Holly always imagined being at the theatre.

It was dark in the building but she still could hear the beautiful music. She made her way to the back and there were the

ballerinas dancing and dancing. Holly had dreamed of being a ballerina. She watched and watched and dreamed.

Holly came again and again to watch the ballerinas practice on her way home from school and would practice with them way up in the balcony where no one could see her. She would go to the theatre and slip in thru the back door to

practice on the stage on the weekends after completing her work at home.

She would go over and over the steps of the lead ballerina. Holly did this for several years. She was becoming a very accomplished ballerina.

One evening, Holly slipped in again to watch the great performance and while passing a room she heard the teacher telling the conductor, that the primaballerina had fallen and hurt her foot - and her back-up was sick. "We must cancel the performance as we cannot go on without our primaballerina." Holly heard all of this and before thinking, she said,

"I can do it."

"Who are you," asked the teacher. "I am Holly, a ballerina and I know the lead part, as I have practiced it." The show was desperate and it was only half an hour until the performance was to begin, so the teacher said, "Holly, if you can do this, there will be a reward for you."

"Ohhh no, " said Holly, "My reward will be my dream fulfilled."

The music started and all positioned themselves. Then Holly took the lead. She heard the beautiful music being played as she had heard over and over. She started her dance. Holly's dream was fullfilled. She was THE primaballerina.

by Norma Stevens