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Motivation and Motivational Leadership

Vicki Notes


The Art of Leadership

Motivation: What is it and what it is not

Key Qualities of a motivational leader

What are the characteristics of a motivational leader?

What are the key qualities of a motivational leader?

Theories of Motivation

Physical Needs: Fatigue, Stress, and Biological Factors

Psychological Needs

Force-Field Theory

Expectancy-Value Theory

Equity Theory

Motivational-Hygiene Theory

Sociological Influences

Human Resources Model (X, Y, & Z)

Application of Theory and Establishment of Motivational conditions Design

Norm Design

External Rules



Internal Rules

Standard Benefits

Incentive Rewards

Professional Environment

Managed Care and Nursing Case Management

Interpersonal and Social Factors

Controlling the Spin and Building the Team

Developing Self-Motivating Environments

Vision of the Future

Organizational Design

Lattices and Matrices

Amoeba Diagrams

Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

Nursing Research Issues in Motivation

Research Models mentioned in this chapter


The End! J

Reference: Clinical Leadership in Nursing. 1st ed. 1998. Judith T. Rocchiccioli and Mary S. Tilbury. Philadelphia: Saunders.