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Sookie Farm

Sookie Farm is a small farm located on Long Island, Nova Scotia Canada.

Gail Warren, and her daughter, Chrisdy, have been into horses for a long time, but just recently discovered the wonderful world of Miniature Horses.

Only having a few foals a year, we strive to produce healthy correct babies, that are imprinted at birth, and handled and spoiled rotten everyday to ensure a well behaved and loveable horse.

We have bloodlines such as Komoko, Dell, Bond, Hobby Horse, Toyhorse and more...

Still working on this site, please keep checking back for updates! Pictures will take a little time to load. Please be patient.

Gail Warren
RR1 Tiverton, Digby Co,
Nova Scotia Canada BOV 1GO
(902) 839-2772

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