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April 11, 2004
Another year, ha? OK, that's it. I'm not updating this page anymore. If it will remain here, let it be a monument to my first attempt of web-design. If not, not a big loss for society or me... have a nice day!

July 24, 2002
The page's still up. Strange. Means there have been some hits. Well, goodbye for another year!

September 29, 2001
Hey there, people! Does anybody at all need this page anyway? Please, if you would like to adopt it, don't (fixed 2012)

February 11, 2001
YES! I have done it! The 'Sheffield' lyrics are online!
By the way, I now have a computer at home, so things should go faster from now on. Imagine what will happen when I get home internet :)

December 21, 2000
Read the news for September 9th but read 'months' instead of 'weeks'.... Sorry.

September 9, 2000
Yeah, I know I should've made the "Sheffield Lyrics" page weeks ago but it needs time and I don't have any :(

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