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Currently Displaying: Fou-Lu and Won-Qu from Breath of Fire IV.

Welcome to the Breath of Fire Resource Emporium. Its not a flashy site, nor is this even my own design... Thats not the point though, is it? Nope!
The Breath of Fire Resource Emporium (or BoFRE) is going to have a whole chunk of Breath of Fire graphics for you. Whether your a game maker or just want to add graphics to your collection, this will be the place. I'll also be putting up music from the series, and no, not just in midi format. I have a good number in wav format, but they need to be converted to mp3. I will hunt down dozens of BoF FAQs on the net for the Breath of Fire Series section. The gifs section will contain animated Breath of Fire gifs that I make or come across on the net. This will start off slow, but as I find more resources on the net and as I rip more from the games, the graphics library here should get a standing ovation!
Some images may have transparent sections. Ignore this, because it will not affect the image after you save it as a bitmap and import it.
Some sections are not up yet, so please be patient.

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