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I thank God dearly for all that is life:
Above all, this would be my Roman Catholic faith, and all its precious sacraments.  I don't know how I would have survived without it.  Then there's my family, without whom I would have never known true faith, hope and love.  Of course I can't forget all my friends, especially those from church.  My church community you see, has recently blessed me with a beautiful and loving companion... I love you, Cheryl--without you my life is otherwise incomplete!

Thus, I can't help but celebrate life:
It happens whenever I commune with nature, heaven and earth.  It happens whenever I explore culture.  And living in Los Angeles makes it so easy.  Everything's close.  There are parks and beaches and mountains for me to hike and camp and rest.  There are many communities of nations that share with me their unique foods--I do in fact make quite an effort to discover and appreciate the fruits and veggies and seafoods of the Middle East, Far East, Europe, India, etc.  Then there's music and the arts.  I enjoy and thrive on classical, jazz, blues, and rock.  (Music has nearly become a second blood!)  I savor the wealth of the human spirit in its productions--plays and musicals and films and sports.  I really can't imagine ever finding a moment of life where I'll let any of this pass by me, particularly when there's often a friend or two eager to celebrate with me.