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QQ Music is big part of my life. I don't go one day without music being drilled into me somehow. If I don't listen to the radio during the day, then I'll probably pop in a CD or a tape when I'm driving. If I don't get a chance to practice drums throughout the day, I'll probably pick up a guitar or sit down at the piano. And if I'm not practicing with my garage band, my school bands, or any of my Christian gospel bands, I'm probably composing some little ditty on a Midi program... I think I'm obssesive.
QQ My garage band is Speedbump, a group of four aspiring musicians from West Kings High School in Auburn, Nova Scotia. There is a link to the Speedbump website in the links section.
QQ I am the drummer for a couple different Christian gospel bands associated with my church, the Aylesford Baptist Church. One of these bands is a praise/worship band called "Ekklasia", that is made up of youth in our church. We have two guitars, bass guitar, piano, drums, and three main vocalists. We lead the singing for our Sunday School program, and also lead the congregation in casual singing before the service starts at 11:00. Another band at our church is the "Best We Can Band". This band is made up of some of the older musicians in our congregation mixed in with some youth. This band leads chorus singing during the service. The other band I play drums for is a four piece group called "Sonlight". We play southern gospel music with three part harmony, usually for special music during our church services. We often play concerts elsewhere throughout the valley, however, and we are currently working on recording a CD. When the CD is finished I will likely post some of the songs on this website or create a seperate website for Sonlight.

Here are some of my midi compositions.

Midi Compositions

"The Urgent Surgeon" (NEW)
"Loose Tar-Boosh" (NEW)
"Dime Thief" (NEW)
"Earl's Morning Discovery" (NEW)
"Innocent Giggles"
"Bigfield Bloomers"
"I Didn't See It Happen"
"Two Big Green"
"Grop Pape and the Irish Potatoe Famine"
"The Duck Song"
"C G Thoomp"
"Frustrated Monkey"
"Action Packed Supper Preperation"
"Chinese Surf Vacation"
"Complete Day"
"The Thoughtful Wasp"
"The Streets of China Town"
"Beneath The Loo"