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 my biography The Official Michael Fredericks Website

My Biography

My name is Michael Fredericks and I am 16 years old. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I was born in Berwick, Nova Scotia, on January 27, 1985. I have curly brown hair and blue eyes. I live here with my mom and dad. I have an older brother, Kenny, who lives in -Calgary, Alberta, Canada- with my aunt and her family. He is 19 years old, and looks kind of like me. I also have an older sister, Laura, who lives by herself in a town near where I live. She is 20 and works as special care worker in a nursing home. My dad is the farm manager for one of the biggest farms in the Annapolis Valley (where I live). My mom is a home-maker.

I have quite a few past-times, but the thing I enjoy the most is music. I LOVE music. I play drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, and a little bit of trombone. I also love listening to music, and I have a band. Details on all this stuff can be found under the Music section of my website.

I enjoy drawing and making computer generated animations. I make the animations using a delightful little program called Macromedia FLASH. You can check out my drawings under the 'Artwork' section of this website and the animations under 'Animations'. (imagine that!)

The other stuff I enjoy doing is computer work, like building websites; acting (drama); bicycling; and making low budget films with my friends. Recently, I have been doing a lot of film work with my friend James Harvey (of HarvTech Studios) and a couple other guys in conjunction with my company, Pee Dee Productions. Our first film together was called 'The Wimp', the story of a nerdy fellow who gets pushed to the edge when he is overly teased. He constructs a plan to blow up his community and builds a watermelon bomb, whichs holds enough force to wipe out everything in it's path. The film ends with his horrible terrorist act. Because of the film's success within family and friends, James and I have already written the sequel and got a large cast and crew assembled to start shooting 'The Wimp 2' this fall. I also have been working on writing a short film called 'I'm Coming To Take Your Life', which HarvTech Studios will also have a big part in producing.

That about sums up my life. So explore the rest of this website and find out all the greusome details.