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Medium Rare Phil Dompierre
Lead Guitar, vocals
Age: 14
Birthdate: July 26, 1985
Birthplace: Lars, Germany
Favorite band(s):Silverchair, Santana
Musical influences: Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page

Since 1998, Phillip Dompierre has been playing guitar. His first guitar was a Honda acoustic. Then after mastering such songs as "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" he moved onto his first electric. An old, used, Fender Telecaster gleamed in the eyes of it's beholder, and soon phil began to write songs. At the time, phil was playing in a band called "pandemonium" with drummer, Michael Fredericks. Together they wrote such songs as "The Man With No Face", "The Grandmaster's Reception" and "Breaking the Stillness" some of which Medium Rare still plays today.
Phil decided he needed a new guitar, and he purchased a black Fender Stratocaster. Then he learned to play lead guitar. Every time he sat down with his guitar, he got better and better at lead. Now he is Medium Rare's full time lead guitar player. (and a good one at that!)

Equipment Phil uses a black Fender Stratocaster. He uses a Fender amp, and Hokus Picks.