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Medium Rare Michael Fredericks
Drums, vocals
Birthdate: January 27, 1985
Birthplace: Berwick, Nova Scotia, Canada
Favorite Band: Pink Floyd
Musical Influences: Ginger Baker, Billy Cobham

Michael Fredericks has been playing drums for about 3 years and has had very little training other than the school music program. His first band experience was with "Pandemonium" a four piece rock group with Phil Dompierre. After the break-up of Pandemonium in 1998, he moved on to begin another group with Phil, recruiting Joe Antonick to play bass, and forming Medium Rare. Michael writes most of the music, and lyrics, but his ideas are greatly remastered by the vocal stylings of Joe, and the guitar modifications of Phil.

Michael spends most of his time sitting in front of his computer or clinging to Ashley, but can frequently be spotted doing manual labour at a fruit farm.

Equpiment Michael uses a set of white Ludwig drums. He uses Sabian cymbals and Zildjian Hi-Hats. He prefers nylon-tipped Vic-Firth 5A drumsticks, and uses mixed hard-ware including Gibralter and Pearl.