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Medium Rare Joe Antonick
bass, vocals
Age: 14
Birthdate: May 17, 1985
Birthplace: Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Favorite Band(s): NoFX, Blink 182
Musical Influences: Fat Mike, Les Claypool
Although a recent addition to the "phil and mike" band experience, Joe was previously invovled with another group. He played guitar and sang for Anarchy, (a group of four school buddies that jammed a couple of times), but never had any real gigs. When Joe and Mike decided to start up a band in September of '99 they decided to get Phil to play guitar and switch Joe over to bass becuase good bass players were very hard to come by. As Medium Rare's full-time bass player and lead singer, Joe has certainly met his expectations and continues to meet the band's needs.

Aside from playing guitar, bass, and singing, Joe spends most of his time listening to punk music, skateboarding, or being melodramatic in the most "serious" of times.

Equipment Joe uses a red Fender Precision Bass. He uses a beige Fender Classic guitar. He has a cheap amp, and uses whatever pick he find.