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Animation is something I've been messing around with for about 3 years. It all started out with some basic GIF animations that I made just for fun. Then I started making short movies with a GIF animation program. This process was long and hard, because I had to draw every single tiny change that happened in the animation. Then my uncle Ed, who is a sucessful FLASH animator, gave me a copy of the program he uses to make animations. The program, FLASH, allowed me to build animated movies without drawing every change, and it gave me the oppurtunity to add sound. After some practice with the program, I made my first movie. It was called "Scrambled Eggs". It wasn't very good, but I was amazed that I could make something like that with a little bit of time and effort. So I kept getting ideas, and I kept making animations. Now I've got a large Library of FLASH movies I've made. Here a few for you to enjoy. (Note you will need the Flash plug-in to see them.)
You will also notice that I have attached a collection of the old GIF movies I made.

FLASH animated movies

Late One Night(coming soon)
The Bottomless Pit
Speedbump Truck Series #1
Speedbump Truck Series #2
Speedbump Truck Series #3
Speedbump Truck Series #4
Trailer for home movie "The Wimp 2"
Valentine's Day Card
Pee Dee Productions promo #1

Old GIF animated movies

Why Jimmy Always Wins episode 1 - "Violent Chess"
"Results of Y2K"
"Death by Wandering Giant"
"Death by Forward Motion"
"Death by Hideous Image"
"Death by Strenuous Evacuation"
"Death by Inconvieniently Placed Stone"
"Death by Unwanted Toxins"
"Death by Death?"
Animated Christmas Card