Digimon: Mimi and Sora's Website
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Digimon: Mimi and Sora's Website

Girl Power!

Disclaimer: I don't own any Digimon. That belongs to Toei Animaton. I just made this website because I really like the show!

Sorry I'm low on updates! I'm working on another Digimon site! Please click on the icon below!

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Welcome to our site! I hope you enjoy it. This site will be updated every week! We've just started it, but in time it will be finished! In the meantime just e-mail me(MimiGurl) and tell me your Digimon Site name and address so I can put it up with the other links and enjoy the links, videos, polls,images,and our quizes~

Hi, Me and Palmon are going to tell u what's been updated! My page of pictures have 2 new ones! Well got to go! I plan to do some killer shopping this weekend~Mimi

Mimi! You haven't told these Digimon fans the other picture page that's been updated! Matt's page is also updated! Coming soon, digimon pictures! Wait for me Mimi! And do I have to sleep in that box? ~Palmon

Yay! My picture page has a lot more pictures now!~Mimi

Mimi, you forgot to tell them that all picture pages have been updated!~Sora

Oh my gawd! We finally have our own guestbook! Please sign it!~MimiGurl


We're opening up a fanfiction section! So you can email us a story...Mimato(Mimi&Matt) fanfics, Taiora(Tai&Sora) fanfics, or anything. You can write a story about the past, future, anything!~MimiGurl

We have a new Message Board! Please post something!


Guess what? Tai and Sora's picture pages have been updated! Sora! Say it!~Biyomon

No way!~Sora

~newest section~

Games! Games! All Digimon!
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Our newest section has opened!! Mimi and Sora Wallpaper (computer goodies)

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Everyone had a different opinion on their favorite couple so I decided to make all liked couples as wallpaper! Just go to the wallpaper section!Click the picture above!~MimiGurl

Guess what! The fanart section has opened! Finally!

Do you like stories? Well our new fanfiction section is perfect for you! Updated! Check it out!


Sounds are here! It's just a little something to make things come to life!
Thanks to anyone who voted on the poll Web Hostesses! We have a new one! Just click on Poll#2


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