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:0) I hate going back to school School sucks don't you know it. this is gay my butt hurts y me?
;0) link me! damnit, why doesn't he notice me?? or does he? & I just can't see it through my being paranoid

*sigh* that bloody time of year has once more reared it's ugly head towards us young adolescents' way . . school . . well, actually if you're from the south like me, then you started school like a month ago (around the august 14th area). anyways, that means i won't get around to updating as much as i'd like to *snort*. but don't think that i'm not checking my guestbook so sign Sign SIGN! 

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v. 1.8 million Hey! Look aT me!! I'm going commando again!!!! feeeeeeeel the breeeeze . . whoa! not that much . .
8) multimediaimage galleriesanimationsfan based anime portholesite mapsign / view guestbook homecoming *hint hint* will he ask me? or am i just another one of his girl friends?
tell me this: how come you never call me when you say you will? don't you know it bothers me? im not going to be the one who follows you around because i have better things to do if you're not interested.