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This part of the page is not complete yet, I will try to work on it some more.
Items list
1.)Beating Opiomorph=All you have to do is when you enter the fight, don't hit her at ALL. Just heal and charge until your ready cause if you don't hit her, she will just do the Wave #4 Devastator it'll only do about 90 hp's. When your ready just realese system ID first and pound on her. at least try to have X infinite attack kishin. and try to have GNSR50 which you'll see how to get besides big joe's shop in this section.

2.)Getting GNSR50 besides Big Joe's=After you get your flying yggdrasil go straight to kislev and fight in the battle arena and fight for BP. It'll take a while but it's well worth it. After you get it go do all you stuff on Nisan and now that you GNSR50 load it on Weltall, now his strength should be like 520! Now you have no need for seizbehn when you fight shakan since you have weltall 520 strength. It'll make weltall much more active throughout the game too, especially when you get Weltall-2 cause when I had him and did Kishin it takes off 9999!

3.)Getting Argento(special gear)in battle arena= There's about a 25% chance you'll fight this character trying to get BP.Put on Special Mode 1. Go to Bonus Battling. Put the options on 3 rounds, Hard difficulty. Beat "ALL" the gears without losing A round. After that, Beat the gear you were playing as with Xenogears (Fei's gear). In the character selection, Argento will be to the left of Weltall.

4.)Getting El Regrs in battle arena=There's about a 15% chance you'll fight this character trying to get BP. Put on Special Mode 1. Go to Bonus Battling. Put the options on 3 rounds, Hard difficulty. Beat "ALL" the gears 5x with Vierge without losing A round. Then be Xenogears and beat Vierge. You now have El Regrs. She is next to Xenogears on the right.

5.)Getting G Elements in battle arena=There's about a 2% chance you'll fight this character trying to get BP. Put on Special Mode 1. Go to Bonus Battling. Put the options on 3 rounds, Hard difficulty. Beat "ALL" the gears 10x with Bladegash without losing A round. Then be Xenogears and beat Bladegash 2x. You now have G Elements. She is on the right on Bladegash.

6.)View Gears= After winning two rounds in the battle arena in Kislev, press R2+L2 to get the words off the screen that shows how long it took you to win the battle, then you can rotate your Gear by pressing left or right.

7.)Sound Test= When you are in the Yggdrasil, Go to the control room and talk to the Dolphin control man. Choose the top selection for a sound test. He'll keep asking the same question over and over. Select the first choice again for a new sound, or pick the second choice to leave.

8.)Tifa Cameo(FFVII)=Just before you put in the second CD, you can see a picture of Tifa from Final Fantasy 7. When you're in Solaris, in the Class 2 Citizen Sector, find the room with a minigear flying around in a circle. Look above the beds and you should find a small picture of Tifa on the wall.

9.)Rename your Gears=To Rename your Gear, Go to the Gear Dock, Go to A Gear(Anyone) Walk to the Right, And you'll see A guy he'll ask if you would like to name this Gear.

Note: Cannot do Seizbehn or Chu Chu

10.)Repairs in Goliath=While in the secret base which houses "Goliath" you will undoubtedly encounter gears surrounded by mechanics which repair them. When this happens kill the mechs but leav the mechanics unharmed. After the mechs are dead let the Mechanics "attack" you but instead of attacking you they will fix your gear for a couple rounds. After awhile they will no longer fix you but attack you however they only cause 1 point of damage(if that!) so instead of killing them charge your fuel! By the time you have full fuel capacity they have only damaged you for about 10 points(not even that if you gear is half-way good!)

11.)Anima Relic 2=To get the Water Level down, To an equal of 5, Here's what you do. When you enter the room, The pit is full, And it has a volume of 10. Whenever you raise or lower the water level, You do that in increments of 3. However there are switches on the left and right side of the room that let you toggle the amount raised an lowered between 3 or 7. Your goal is to make the water have a volume of 5. To do that, With A full tank, Lower the water by 7 to get 3. Then add by 3 to get 6, then add by 3 again to get 9. Then, lower the water by 7 to get 2, and then add by 3 to get 5. That will cause the lake outside to drain, and you can go on with the dungeon.

12.)The Stuff from Lahan=There is alot of stuff to do in Lahan. Here is some.
1) Get A power ring, eyeball, & Aquasol S, By jumping into the well alot of time's.
2) Get 2 Aquasol's from the old man behind Fei's house.
3) 200G under Fei's bed.
4) 2 Aquasol's in barrels, By Fei's Room, And A Spider Web in the Corner.
5) RPS(Rock Papar Siccors) Badge, Win Five time's in A row
6) 120G from old woman downstairs of the RPS house.
7) Mermaid's Tear, Town Drunk, in the Bar, And A person who 'Wants' Fei, next to the drunk.
8) Lucca Cameo, From Chrono Trigger, She teaches you about Saving.

1) Bird Egg, in A tree, Yui will cook it.
2) Spider, ChuChu will eat it, And give you an Ether Veil in return.
3) Aquasol(x2) in Treasure Chest's

1) Aquasol, 2nd floor
2) 120G, In chimney
3) Birdseed
4) Midori's Ring.

13.)Stones Of Shevat They're are 3stones of Shevat, To gain access to Wiseman's house. Here is where the Stone's are.
1) DUSK ROCK : Go to the old capital of Shevat, then go to that house that is all broke down with the big ol' hole in the side, their should be a table with a doll in the downstairs part. press the action button when you get up to it.
2) DARK ROCK : Go to the ChuChu room, go down the elevator, speak to A woman on the westwern balcony, pay 50G to get a Spider Web, go back to where the foutain is, go to the very top of it, And fish.
3) DAWN ROCK : Examine end of South-West spoke on Town Map
4) Now go to the Town Capital of Shevat, Go down the Elevator, Go down the staircase, And go through A doorway to the west, Jump on the Elevator, Enter the stone's, And Your on your way to Wiseman's house.

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