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Funny things that have happened to me!

Well. In this page I will be telling you about things that have happened to me. Not just normal everyday run of the mill things but things that are just not normal! Most of the things are my own fault but I can blame my friends for some of it.

I guess I'll start off with October Fest! A couple weeks ago my school had activities in the gym everyday at lunch for a week. The winner of the activity got a free ticket to the dance and stuff. Well since I'm not normal I thought some of the activities looked fun. So one day me and my friend decided to participate in something involving cheese whiz.(It was a generic brand and was really very nasty). I had to cover my hands in cheese whiz and my friend had to throw smarties at my hands and get them to stick to the cheese. We lost that one and the cheese made me gag(the smell) and it burned my hands. They were red! Then the next day the activity involved jam covered marshmallows. I got the marshmallow into the guys mouth the first time. But when it was my turn my friend took several times. She hit my nose, my eye, my hair etc. I was covered in jam. Well the left side of my face anyway. Then the next day I had to sit on my friends lap and suck Kool-aid out of a baby bottle. We didn't win that either but we did win the jam thing. We won a dance ticket and a really cool yellow M&M water bottle.

I'll skip to this week now. I spent most of Thursday and Friday in my socks because it was mid-terms and it's so much more comfortable in socks. Not much happened on thursday but I did get some really weird looks at lunch because I was laying in the middle of the hall on my jacket and I had on no shoes. However Friday made up for that.During both of the exams I was done an hour before hand so I had fun finding ways to amuse myself. I went to the bathroom(at school) in my sock feet. An experience not to be missed. But lunch was interesting. Me and my friend Deanna got into a fight over Life Saver Tangy minisavers. I had some but then she took them and hid them. I had to fight to get them back. That might not sound funny but she was yelling "RAPE!" and screaming and it was just not nice because people were giving us funny looks. Then in an attempt to get her to stand up I took her book and slid it down the hall but i hit some guy who was studying and he politely gave it back. Then he left. I finally got them back later. I did get scratched with her nail. Then they took the rest of my candy. Later on I went to the garbage can and I fell. Since I was in my sock feet and the floor was slippery it wasn't good for me to have so much energy. When I went to pick something up I slipped and fell flat on my ass. Everyone got a good laugh out of that one.

Then me and my friend,Jenesis, were at the mall and I got laughed at. First we were on the escalator and there were some really hot guys at the bottom standing with a girl from our school. Trying not to draw attention to ourselves she said "Lets go this way". I got confused and thought she meant the other way so when we got to the bottom we went seperate ways and they laughed at us. Then we were in TOYS R US ( I have a young niece and Christmas is coming). My friend has never seen the Teletubbies but I am obsessed with Po. The last time we were there they didn't have Talking Po but this time they did so we were listening to her. Then we continued on through the store to keep some dignity. A little later on we found a Po sitting a box completly out of place so we listened. I guess i was a little excited because there was on old woman laughing at me. Finally we were in the book store looking at books on Birthdays and Astrology and stuff. A lot of the books had Suns on them so i was going on about how the Sun and Moon are evil. There was a guy standing there listening to me and then he started laughing at me. I get laughed at a lot.

I have a cold and a couple of days ago I took some medicine before school. I kind of mixed some Tylenol Cold with a cough syrup so during the whole day I was beyond hyper. I had had an orange for lunch and I had the peel in a baggie and for some reason I was swinging the baggie around and wacking it on the floor. Then I was hitting my friends with the baggie. They didn't appreciate that too much. Then my friend offered me the last bit of her pop if I could catch it. There was a little less than half a can left so I got up and she threw it. I cought it so I drank it. Then half of her Ringlos fell on the floor so she swept them under the bench. Then they pushed me out into the middle of the hall. I think they were embarassed to be seen with me. Then the next day I had to take some nighttime pills. I was so tired all day but I fought the urge to go to sleep until last period. I was in French class and we were copying notes. I was sitting up but I couldn't take it. My head dropped and I fell asleep. Luckily the guy sitting beside me noticed and woke me up before the rest of the class noticed.