Why Do People Always Think The Quiet Ones Are Dumb?

Why, if your quiet, do people always think your dumb? They treat you like your stupid. Like they can tell your IQ before they even know your name. I'm sort of quite, granted, but that does not mean I'm stupid. (I probably am, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I'm quiet:) Just because someone is not in posession of overactive vocal cords, it doesn't mean they're stupid. You want an example?(I can just see everyone screaming NO!!! PLEASE NO!!!) Well heres one.

When I was in tenth grade, at the beginning of the year, I was in my American Studies class. (This by the way, was an honors class) We were put in groups, and everyone in the group had to have a "job" Everyone in my group yelled and screamed about what they wanted, and when they had all this settled, one of them turned to me. "You" she said very slowly "can be the timekeeper...do you know how to tell time?" she was absolutely serious. I was sort of in shock, so I nodded. She looked utterly unconvinced "A clock with hands?" (No dummy, a clock with feet!I didn't actually say this, but still...) I was starting to come out of my shock at that point, so I said "YES! I can read a clock!" She still didn't look like she believed me, then she opened her mouth, and had the gull to ask "Ok, then what time is it now?" Now that, my friends is pathetic.

My one consolation is that sometimes the loudest of them all, are also some of the dumbest. (For this I have two examples *yay * @_@) For the first, When I was in this same tenth grade honors class, near the end of the year, they were doing group pictures. Now I have a thing with pictures, namely, I hate them, they remind me of my everpresent lack of beauty, that I need not be reminded of. So anyway, I was one of the few who weren't standing up in front of the camera. One girl, one of the loudest, most popular of them all, came up to me, and said, her voice just dripping with sympathy "Why aren't youuuuu in the picture?" I responded with the everpopular "Because I don't like pictures" Then she came back with the even more popular "But you haaaaave to!" About that time I was struck with a brilliant idea."Well, truth is, I'm in the witness protection program" She looked suspicious "Really?" I nodded, and the expression of suspicion turned to one of awe, "Oh, ok" she whispered, and walked away, leaving me alone. (One thing, this may work on ditzy popular girls, but it doesn't work on teachers, in fact, if you try this on them, they get mad and give you a choice of being in the picture, or a referral, a lose, lose situation all the way around, however you can outsmart them at this, by going to the back row, and ducking behind a group of boys right when the flash goes off) To my knowledge, this girl still thinks I'm a member of the Witness Protection Program.

My second example is similar, only better, it involves the same Witness Protection Program idea. I was in PE one day, perfectly content, trying not to laugh, and watching this group of 9th grade girls make idiots out of themselves, and follow just about every rule in my Generic Popular Girls Rant, when one of them, to my horror, came over, lugging the unfortunate object of her affections along with her, (I, by the way, knew him, and it boggled my mind that he would fall for her phony crap,) "Why are you just standing there all alone in a corner?" she asked in her nasal whining excuse for a voice, making it seem like I was just about ready to burst into tears. I shrugged, hoping she'd go away, no such luck. "Well whyyyy?" I remembered my brilliant idea from a few days ago "Well," I said slowly, I'm a member of the Witness Protection Program, and you know, I try to stay out of the middle of things as much as possible." Like the other girl, her eyes got real big. "REALLY!" I nodded. Then, she says "For real, cause I'll believe you, I'm gullible" (Oh, did we learn a new word, we have to thank mommy for our word of the day calander!) I'm like "yeah, they took me away in the night, and moved me across the U.S., I used to live in California, and I had long hair, down past my waist, but they cut it all off." Then she says "For real?" Her friends all come over, and she tells them I'm in the Witness Protection Program, and they're a little more skeptical, but they believe me too," Then the original girl, asks "For real?", her brain must have been on overload, poor thing. I shake my head no, then I say "But don't look behind you..." I swear that girl turns around, shrieking at the top of her lungs, and when she turns around, and theres nothing there, she just yells louder, then she looks at me and says "Your scary, I'm staying away from you!" Music to my ears!