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Updated April 1, 2000
David the drummer for KoRn has to undergo wrist surgery do to injury. He won't be able to appear in the tour this year. A replacemtn, Mike Bordin will be with KoRn for the Sick and Twisted tour. I have a new poster shop. You should check it out, it has KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Offspring and Rage Against The Machine Posters.

Updated March 24, 2000
Welcome to Kat's KoRn Page, with tons of KoRn info. I apologize for not updating in the last fews months. I couldn't keep up with my site because my computer was on the fritz. Now, it's fixed, and hopefully you can expect to see my site being updated weekly.

Updated December 3,1999
Hay, I updated my poll, check it out here. I heard a rumor that Jonathan Davis and his wife are having problems and they are separated. Not that it's any of my business, but I hope it doesn't affect the band. My counter has hit 10,000 I am very happy. This site has started to kick ass.

Updated November 30, 1999
Here's a pick of the band a few days ago. I have the lyrics for Issues, and pix of the four top covers. Check it out here. I leave you with a newspaper article about Munky's engagment.

Updated November 29, 1999
Thanks everyone who sent me the lyrics. I have most of the lyrics typed, and it won't be long before they're up.

Updated November 21, 1999
I started writing down the lyrics for the new album, but I need help with Beg For Me and Hey Daddy. I'm WAY off on those two songs, if you heard the cd yet, I'm begging for your info

Updated November 19, 1999
Issues, KoRn's newest album is finally out, I have a copy of it. Soon, I'll have the lyrics up. KoRn was on Muchmusic yesterday talking to Sook-yin about Issues. It showed some really cool pics of the band members from their high school yearbook. Jon had braces and a fucked up hair do, Fieldy wouldn't stop teasing him. It showed Head and Fieldy, and they both had the big hair thing going on, like Poison or Whitesnake I guess. They mentioned that their tour will be starting up in February with Florida. And, it showed the video for Falling Away From Me. Here's a description of the video:
It started off wiht the end of Freak On A Leash with the fence, then it turned not animated. It showed a red lite bed room with a teen girl looking in her music box. KoRn was in the box. They had all these lights swinging aroudn them. Then the girl's dad got up and started hitting her. He went back to bed after a little bit. The neighborhood kids heard KoRn and were gathered outside the house like a mob. KoRn jumped out of the music box and started playing in her bedroom. The girl escaped out side. KoRn zapped back into the music box, all the kids ran away, and her father burst though the bedroom door to find it empty, and his daughter was long gone. Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit directed the video

Updated November 13, 1999
I updated my poll, and my keyboard is kinda working now, but it still might be awhile 'til I can work a lot on this

Updated October 30, 1999
My Poll Results are up! Check them out, and if you haven't voted yet, click here Also, my counter has finallyy reached 5000, so I'm really excited about that. I heard word about KoRn releasing a new home video in December, and it will be called Y 2 KoRN, but it's just a rumor for now.

Updated October 26, 1999
KoRn will be appearing on the Halloween episode of South Park this week, I don't know the story line, but it should be funny, Cartman and Jon Davis together. People have been sending around rumors, but I don't know which to follow. Make sue you watch it. Also, Munky will be getting married to Stephanie Roush. They have been going out for a while, and the wedding will be in January. David will be appearing on Martial Law, set to screen on November 6th along with Bret Michaels of poison, and a few other names, I'll get more info later. Here's a cover from Issues I found, but I doubt that it's offical.

Updated October 22, 1999
Vote 4 Your Favorite KoRN Song

Updated October 21, 1999
KoRn's new CD will be released with 4 different covers, because they couldn't choose between the 4 really great contest entries.After having my computer in the shop for a while, I'm back!

Updated October 5, 1999
KoRn's newest CD will be out November 16th. I heard a rumor about it being called 'issues' but that's completely unoffical so far. Also, another rumor has it that Munky is finally getting hitched. When I find out more, you'll know.

Updated October 3, 1999
I've had so many people on my site, I've decided to put up a links page. If you have a web site about KoRn, then email me your address, and I'll put a link to your site on mine. Hay, it's free promotion, who could turn that down?(Go to Feedback for my email address)The Muchmusic Video Awards SUCKED last night. KoRn was up for two awards, best international video, and best international group. They lost the first one to Chemical Brothers, which I could handle. But then, they had to go and lose the best international group to the Backstreet Boys!! Freak On A Leash was the champ on Combat Zone for 13 episodes, was Backstreet Boys? I don't think so! I was so mad after watching the awards I had to come and update this because I couldn't believe how unfair the awards were.

Updated September 12, 1999
KoRn had a blast at Woodstock, and they're still working on the CD. David and his wife gave birth to a daughter in late July, and that's about it until I hear more!

Updated July 24, 1999
KoRn's back in the studios recording their 4th album. When they had 8 songs written, Jonathan said it was sounding more like the first album, my favorite. Now, they have more, and some of the songs sorta sound like other bands from the eighties, so they're naming them after some of the old bands. Muchmusic said that the cd might be out this fall.

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