Those 'N SYNC Boys Drive Us Crazy

Those wild and crazy boys from 'N Sync have found their way into our hearts. This page is dedicated to the boys and all their many imperfections. If you have a hard time finding fault in our little 'N Sync then maybe you should leave now. But if you have a sense of humor and don't think they are God, then look around, laugh and stay awhile. My sister Susie and I have spent many hours and many, many dollars on this group and we think they have a few odd things about them. That's what we choose to focus on. We would like to stress that WE DO NOT HATE 'N SYNC!!!! We are just as obsessed as the next person, but they just make it so easy to find some comedy in their everyday lives.

IF YOU LIKE THIS BOY...THEN YOU MIGHT WANT TO GO AWAY NOW... BECAUSE THE WEBMASTERS HERE HATE THIS KID MORE THAN THE STOMACH FLU..AND WE ARE NOT there you go..your fair e-mails saying how cute, sweet and funny he is...cuz guess what?...WE DONT CARE!!

***This is sick and wrong and should never happen. It makes no sense to me. She shouldn't be allowed to touch him. She may spread her slut germs on to him.***

Most of the stuff on these pages is mine (Tara), but when Susie has something to say she will put a star*** in front and at the end of her comments.

Please Remember..This is a humor page, and if you don't think we are funny, then don't waste our time or yours.... Don't send us any mail telling us how not funny we are...cuz guess what?...We don't care!

So get up, Feel the Flow, (whatever that means) And here we go....


Where have all the Webmasters gone?


~SiStEr SiTeS StUfF~





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OuR LiTtLe LoVe NoTeS

***NOTE: We are currently not updating this page. Sorry so we know the pics don't work. Maybe we will someday get our insperation back but who knows. The boys just arn't that great latley. We will not be responding to e mails.***

We are now ~*~SiStEr SiTeS~*~ with

*"NSYNC's got it goin'ON!

Manders and Sar have an awesome page, I love it more every time I look at it, so after you finish here, go check it out. It's well worth your time, but beware Justin lovers.. they don't love him, not one single bit...

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