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Welcome to the Horton Journal of Canadian History’s

First Edition – June 2000


Editor’s Note:

History 12 at Horton High School is an elective, whereby students do not need to take this course to graduate. Thus, students who register do so willingly, with a wish to learn about Canada’s colourful and multi-faceted history.

With this in mind, this course was designed to challenge students and put them to work - writing, researching and editing – the roles of the historian. For their second term research paper, students were to write papers with primary sources as part of the work; thus incorporating secondary source material along with some elements of primary source material. Students were graded, then sent off to edit for re-submission. What you will find in the following pages is the finished product – the first copy of the online history journal entitled the Horton Journal of Canadian History (H.J.C.H.). I would also like to thank Mr. Ian McKay, Information Technology Integration Lead Teacher here at Horton, for his efforts and guidance with this undertaking.

As editor and teacher of these fine young students, many of whom will be heading to universities or other post-secondary institutions of study, I am proud of their efforts and hope that their work has set the stage for future groups. In contributing to this journal they have made their own imprint on the study of Canada’s history.

I hope you enjoy this journal and recognize the efforts of some of Horton’s fine scholars. Enjoy!


Sean Bennett, B.A., M.A., B.Ed


Horton High School

Wolfville, NS


June 2000


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