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Index of Essays

Authors Topics
Pam Atwell "Sir John A. Macdonald: The Man Who Helped Make Canada"
Rosie Browning "20th Century Canadian Fashion Trends"
Melanie Cashin "The Liberation of Holland"
Matt Doucet "The History of New Minas"
Jeremy Eye "Dream Catchers"
Nadia Gelinas-Galaise "The War of 1812: An Alliance Between Brock and Tecumseh"
Chris Gertridge "The Road to Confederation: One of Steel"
Derek Graves "The Internment of Japanese-Canadians During World War Two"
Omri Harrison "Papineau and French Canadian Nationalism"
Emily Hiltz "Joseph Howe: Nova Scotia's Leader"
Lindy Isner "African Nova Scotian History at a Glance"
Kerri Leier "Nova Scotia's Rebels: Pirates and Privateers"
Tim Miner "The History of the Canadian Flag"
Amanda Pineo "Louis Riel and the Red River Rebellion"
Brodie Rhodes "Canadian Military Involvement at Normandy"
Justin Van Wagoner "The History of Beer in Canada"
Rochelle Ward "Joseph Howe Revisited"
Mariah Williams "The Forgotten Half: The History of Women's Rights in Canada"


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