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I Just Wanna Be With You

Chrous:I Just Wanna Be, With You,
Girl that's all I want, to do
I just wanna be, be with you,
girl that's all I want to do
Girl, you're turning me on,
your such a fine lady,
and sugar more and more,
your driving me crazy
Because you're just what I want,
and I'm just what you need,
gonna make you my baby;
sweet darling all I can see,
is you and me.

I wanna drown in your love,
lead me to your water
Let it flow, just let it flow baby;
My love is insane, pleasure and pain,
it's part of life, so live it up baby;
If you're scared of love, don't, don't be afraid,
because girl I'm scared to,
but I gotta have you
gonna love you day and night,
yes I'll treat you right!

You and me lets stay together
we'll be together say
it nah - nah - nah - nah
- nah - nah - nah