The Local Boyz Crew

We aren't the little rich kids you see at crosscountry races. We are the guys you will see tearing it up out in the streets, the trails, and off of or down crazy decents. We are the people that the little richy kids see to make them want a mountain bike, Other words we work so we can ride, We thrash, trails bikes and ourselves. To make a long story short, if your aren't thrashing it, your arent riding, warrenties are for people like us(even tho we always VOID the dam things) so this goes out to all the ppl in the only mountainbikeing counrty(Canada baby).It may be true that the promise land of biking is in the west(and I also totally agree) but we are the east and we plan to thrash it untill the day comes that we move more westerly

Ride To Live, Live To Ride


Other Rides we hook up with

Some sweet long travel bikes sites

Rocky Mountain bikes-they are pretty sweet too
GT Bikes-they make some nice shit
Ellsworth-I Dare ya
Specialized -the first real DH i ever road
A good place to find bikes and sell em
Kona Bikes- These are some sweetassed bikes

Pic o'us-Check out the gallery
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I don't know him honest, but ain't he gay!!

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This goes out to the whole Degrassi Crew, except dwayne(for obious reasons*u had aids in the show*jj) but boys we are all racing next year and i don't care if we come in last every freckin race, as long as we beat the winners in the parking lot

Tyler B.
Tyler C.

heres another look at me and Jon by the school we hated so much(bitch was in the pic but we cut him out)