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March 13 New Haven, CT.

I went to an 'N Sync concert on March 13th in New Haven, CT. well my seats weren't the greatest in the world, but i'm not complaining because there were people that were like all the way at the top. the guys must have looked like ants to them, lol! we were on the side of the stage (me and my friend). what i would have given to have been in front of the stage!!! anyways, we got there just before 7 (it started at 7:30). we had made a poster for justin, but the guy at the door took it from us (we were mad cuz so many people snuck them in). there were sooo many people there. anyway, we finally found our seats (on my were right there two fathers and all these little 8 year olds and on my left there were a bunch of girls my age: 15-16) it was sooo funny cuz like half the crowd was wearing baby blue (including myself). and if you weren't wearing baby blue, then you had an 'N Sync t-shirt on, like my friend. so many people had these glow sticks too. so anyway, at 7:30 Bew*tched came on. they were really good. they did 4 songs, including C'est la vie. i wanted 'N Sync to come on so badly that i didn't really care. after they left the crowd went absolutely wild because they thought 'N Sync was coming on next (i knew they weren't though). it was sooo funny to see all the little disappointed faces when Tatyana Ali came on. She was good, too. She was like so excited that it was her first tour and everything and so she took a picture of the crowd in front of the stage that she was adding to her scrapbook. she did 4 songs, too and then left. i thought divine was another opening act, too, but luckily they weren't (no offense to them, but i wanted to see 'N Sync). so after Tatyana left, the crowd went wild again because they thought 'N Sync was coming on, and all of a sudden the lights came on. it was so funny cuz the screams just died. there was like a 15 minute intermission (which was torture). FINALLY the lights went out again. by this time the screams were deafening because we knew 'N Sync was coming out. everyone was screaming and standing. the curtain came down revealing the area where the band would be and there was this HUGE screen in the back. it was like the beginning of Armageddon where it's heading for earth and this guy was counting down and as soon as he said one, there was like this huge explosion. smoke came out of these things on the side of the stage (it was sooo loud). then this was like this huge glowing monster that these guys were moving around. it was a puppet or something. then it fell apart. so finally 'N Sync comes out but they were wearing these glowing outfits that covered there faces and stuff so you couldn't tell who was who. they were dancing and swirling around these glowing sticks. it was so cool. there were these ramps on the side of the stage and the guys ran up to the top. but the lights went off again. when they came back on the guys had stripped those suits off and came runnng down the ramps. it was soooooooooo loud because we could finally see who was who. they sang "Here we go." there were so many costume changes during the show so i don't remember exactly what everyone was wearing during each song. besides, i was too busy paying attention to justin, who looked hotter than hell!! justin, i know, was wearing a baby blue and white windbreaker and JC had a blue and yellow one on. i don't remember what the other guys were wearing. it was great that they had that screen in the back because you could see them up close. JC was sweating sooo much! one point in the show justin got him a towel to wipe his face and then he threw it out to someone in the audience. i was sooooo jealous. but justin was definitely the hit of the night. anytime he sang or did anything, the girls went crazy. after "Here we go" they sang "You Got It." then JC comes up to the front of the stage and tells us that they're going to sing us a love song called "For the girl who has everything" and he's like, "There are two things in this world that you guys may or may not have. One, someone to love. And two, which I knooooooooooow you don't have, and that's a seat right up on this stage." At this point, everyone went crazy. "So we chose a few of you guys to come up on stage. And we're dedicating this song to you." I was sooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of the girls who got to sit up there. a few times the guys sat next to them and sang and at one point lance even put his arms around the two he was sitting next to. NOT FAIR!! so at the end they grabbed their hands and led them off the stage. i so wanted to be the one justin led off. *sniff, sniff* so then the screen in the background comes on and it's like, "in the 60's...." and it's highlighting all the things that happened in the 60's. at the end it's like, "And that's the way it was in the 60's." the lights come on and the guys are wearing those red suits like in the movie, "That thing you do." JC is singing lead at the front of the stage with Chris who is playing guitar and the rest of the guys are where the band usually is. justin's jammin' on the guitar while joey is playing the drums and lance is playing the keyboard. it was soooo cute!! so then the lights go off and the big screen in the back is talking about the 70's. and the guys come out dressed as Jackson 5!! it was so funny. the crowd went wild!! chris was singing lead. omigod, he sounded exactly like michael jackson! he has such a high voice! for the 80's they came out in these weird 80's clothes and sang "celebrate." So all of us are screaming, "celebrate good times, come on!" joey sang lead. he was really good. so of course for the 90's they were themselves. they came out in these black outfits and sang "Crazy for you," hip thrusts and all!!! it was awesome! i was so jealous because justin actually reached down and shook some girl's hand in like the front row! (who had a poster that he obviously read cuz she held it up everytime he came over to that side! ugghhhhh!) after that chris was talking about how they got started and used to do a lot of acapella stuff. so then they sang "I Drive Myself Crazy." then they sang "I just wanna be with you" and they had on these sleeveless jerseys. justin had a baby blue one, of course. i know lance had a green one on. that's all i know. at the end of that they all left except lance. he was like, "i've been thinking and thinking. there's something different about this crowd and i couldn't figure out what was until now. do you want to know what it is?" of course we were screaming and he's like, "i realized that God must have spent a little more time on you. so we're going to sing that song for you." so everyone went crazy (that's my absolute favorite song!) so the guys come out wearing black leather jackets. and justin's like "we want you guys to sing with us" so we were are singing point he put the mic to the audience and you could hear the whole place singing, "how can i put into words what i feel?" you should've seen the look on justin's face. he was smiling from ear to ear. he was like, "not bad, not bad" and at the end, he was singing "god must have spent a liitle more time..." then he stopped and was just standing there. all the girls were going crazy! and he was just smiling, drinking it all in. it was funny. he kept doing it, just to drive us crazy. at one point chris walked over and whispered something in his ear and he smiled. i don't know if that was part of the act or not. so finally he said, "on you..." and bowed down like in the disney special. it was funny because when whenever they sang "god must have spent a little more time on you" everyone pointed at the stage (of course i was pointing at justin). so then they were like, "thank you, it's over...bye!" and left the stage. we were all sitting there waiting and suddenly this music started and the lights flipped on and fire like exploded out of these things on the side of the stage and the guys came running down the ramps (we all went crazy). justin and someone else (i don't remember who) were wearing red and the other three were wearing yellow. they sang "I Want You Back." it was sooo awesome. and of course justin's like "everyone, c'mon..we want to hear you sing" at the part where it's "you're the one i want" and he goes, "LOUDER!" we go "you're the one i need." it was great. we got to see the "U Drive Me Crazy" video next...that was awesome! next they came out in these white suits and sang "sailing". then all of a sudden, these strings lifted them up in the air and they were moving them across the audience. i so wish i was in the front crowd! they were doing flips in the air and moving up and down. they actually got to touch people in the audience. i was soooo jealous! at the end they intoduced the band members and ended with "Tearing Up My Heart" i love when they did that little but smack thing!!! when justin started his part, he ripped off his white jacket (he had this shining blue shirt on underneath) and threw it off the stage. i don't know if one of the stage people caught it or some lucky girl. then they got reattached to the strings and went out over the audience again. the end was like a bunch of improvisation. they were thanking everyone for coming and saying goodbye. justin started breakdancing. it was so funny. so many things were being thrown on the stage. justin actually caught something. i don't know what it was, but he's like, "I caught it!" it was so cute! my friend said he got hit in the head with something but i missed that. with one final goodbye they left, and it was over. i wanted it to last all night!! my friend and i waited for the crowd to head out and then we got some souvenirs. all in all, it was the best night of my life!! the showed kicked major ass! the guys were HOT, the special effects were AWESOME!! it was just the greatest. i hope you enjoyed my review! pe@ce out!!