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San Diego, April 15, 99

I went to see *N Sync on Thursday, April 15 at Cox Arena in San Diego. It was great! Well, on Tuesday, April 13, I went to a Lip Sync to N Sync thing and waited in line for 2 hours to win absolutely NOTHING, but made friends with these three girls. They were pretty nice, and they had section N seats, which are very bad..almost behind the stage..anyways, on the day of the concert I saw them again, which was sorta cool. On the day of the concert I got there at 3pm, the concert started at 8pm, and I saw Chris and Busta before the concert in the back of the arena. Well, I saw Steve, Joey's brother, and tried to get a picture with him, but he left. I got on Joey's video camera about 6 times and I was on the news! On Channel 8, CBS, with Larry Himmel. When I finally got in the arena, I found my seats and listened to my CD. I waited 2 hours until Blaque came on. Blaque is a trio of girls who are pretty good, they sang 3 songs. After them Tatyana Ali came on, she was good, and she sang 4 songs and a little Will Smith thing. Then they set up for N Sync and the whole arena went black about 20 minutes later. They came out with colorful neon suits and danced around with neon sticks. All the guys went backstage and changed their outfits. I remember that they were wearing Adidas outfits. Joey was wearing a green shirt with black pants, Lance was wearing a white shirt with black pants and I think Josh was wearing a red shirt with black pants, I don't remember what the other guys were wearing. They sang a few songs and put on some leather jackets and sang For The Girl Who Has Everything. Some girls were brought on stage and sang to. They danced around with chairs and did a really sexy dance. After that they changed into Tommy Hilfiger basketball jerseys and black pants. Justin had a baby blue jersey on, but I don't remember what the other guys' color jerseys were. They sang some other songs and then Sailing came on. The guys came out in with white outfits on and "sailed" over us. I came about 10 feet away from Lance. I was flippin out when that happened. He waved to us and I started jumping and screaming. I accidentaly hit the girl in the head next to me. At the end of GMHS, Justin sang 'a little more time...' and stopped, he did that a few more times and Joey was in the back looking at his watch and Chris came over to Justin when Justin gave him a questioning look and whispered in his ear. Justin then sang 'a little more time....on you.' He held the 'you' for a long time. Justin has a beautiful voice. Another good part of the concert is when they did they 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's thing. First they played an overview of each decade, starting wiht the 60's. The guys came out with magenta suits on, and they were playing the instruments. Josh was playing a guitar and singing, Chris was playing bass, Justin was playing another guitar, Lance was playing the keyboard, and Joey was on the drums wearing shades like in "That Thing You Do." And that's the song they sang. During the 70's segment they sang the Jackson 5's "ABC, 123" and they were dressed up in afro wigs and 70's clothes. That was my fave part out of that segment. I love the 70's! And for the 80's part, Joey was singing lead to "Celebration." They let out a ton of confetti when they sang that. then there was the 90's. I don't remember what song they sang during that. They also played the video to "U Drive Me Crazy," that was a dope video. I'm so glad I saw it. I was like the only one in the arena singing it because I have the import single and people were looking at me while I was singing and dancing. It was fun. I know that they didn't sing "Giddy Up," "Everything I Own," and "I Need Love." I wish they had sung "Giddy Up" 'cause I love that song!:)haha! That was my concert experience. I had a wonderful time. I lost my voice due to screaming and singing WAY too loud, but I had the time of my life!