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Scranton, PA July 23, 98

You have to bare with me because this might seem pretty long.. . . My name is Marissa. . .I just turned 20 over this summer [1998] and my friends thought to bring me to an *N SYNC concert for a present. . .The only show close by was the one in Scranton, PA on July 23, 1998. We woke up early to drive from New Jersey to Scranton and waited on line from 1-8pm. . .We almost died from heat exhaustion! So many people were going crazy =) Anywayz, after the hassle of getting in we walked right into another problem. How were they going to fit all those people in the little Tink's Entertainment Complex? Can I say that I was crunched between all these sweaty people, not a nice situation. N-Tyce opened for them at around 9. They were pretty good, my guy cousins had fun watching them he he. Then all this pushing started, it wasn't fun. And it didn't calm down when *N SYNC came on either. It was so crazy that I don't really remember all the details I was busy making sure that I didn't get bopped in the head, but they came out and everyone screamed! J.C. was wearing a Red Yankees Jersey and had a white glove on his right hand, Lance had a blue/black Yankees Jersey, Justin had a Baby Blue one (what else?), Chris and Joey were in yellow and orange, sorry. . .They sang most of their songs on the American released CD. They were so cute in person. I couldn't believe that I was right there front row with this seperator bar shoved up against my waist. They even sprayed people with "super soakers". They did a little of the Bee Gees - love the a cappella stuff! Later they divided the crowd and everyone on the left was with Joey, Justin, and Chris saying "Yes, Yes, Yes here we go. . ." and the right people were with Lance and J.C. (woo hoo that's the side I was on with my 2 fave *N SYNCers) saying "*N SYNC has got the flow. . ..It was so funny they were making fun of each other because they were competing. . . .the concert was AWESOME, BUT let me get to the part of meeting them. . . Here is the FATE part. . .It was already like 12am and we were all tired and hungry. We had a 2 hour drive back to Jersey. At our first stop, the McDonald's was closed so we drove on. My friend Bhoyett saw a sign for a 24 hours McDonald's so we decided to stop by there. I was in the front seat and I saw two maroon colored buses and I freaked because I thought it was them. My friends told me "nah" and so we went to McDonald's [which was on the left side - the gas station was on the right]. After pleading we drove over to where the buses were getting gas and my friend and Mel and I saw J.C. standing outside with his body guard. SHE SCREAMED! (sorry if this is too long, but bare with me) I was just in "awe" in the front seat and was just pointing at him. He waved Hi and was like motioning us to park the car. We were the only fans there, it was so great. We parked the car and my friend Mel ran to J.C., his body guard told her to calm down because she was running and smiling so much. We didn't have a pen on hand, but eventually found one. Chris came out of the store with a brown bag and Cheetos( I think), talked with my cousins first and then singed my a collage I made for my CD cover [which JC thought was "pretty neat"]. We asked if it would be okay to take a few pictures and he said "no problem." We were all complaining about taking up there time and they were all like "no way" we love meeting our fans, but this is even better cause there isn't a crowd. Then Lance came out with some more food, signed. His eyes were soo green and he had a big smile - I "freaked" again. Then Joey came out [in a wife-beater], he was cool. We were about to take 1 picture because the bodyguards were rushing, but where was Justin? Finally he ran out of the store and jumped in the front of us for the picture. It was so, ok I'm at a loss for words to describe what I felt. This was the best birthday present ever. . .It was like fate that we saw them on our way home. I even prayed that night if there was any chance at all for me to meet them. I still can't believe it. My cousins finally believe that N SYNC is as awesome as I said, they think *N SYNC are the nicest bunch of guys (they have "converted" so to say) It was nice just hanging with them, it was like meeting old friends. They were so sincere and just all together nice. One funny part happend when my friend mel and i were saying bye to joey and lance - i was shaking hands with joey and mel crossed over with lance shaking his hand. then we were supposed to switch, but everyone's hand was going the wrong way so we were all bumping hands and laughing. we finally got it together and said bye...there's more, but i don't want to bore you with the details right now... If you want to e-mail me feel free (especially *N SYNC) at *N SYNC definitely has got the flow