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January 3rd San Diego

OH........................MY..............................GOD!!!!!! That was the bomb concert!!

i had a very exciting day today, before and during the concert!! first of all i went to the mall to exchange a sweater for my mom, then i saw something happening in the center court so i decided to check it out. guess what it was b*witched!!

my friend saved me a seat right in the front row too!! they were alright, they had upbeat songs but something about doing the irish jig, jean skirt over jean pant motif didn't do it for me. they were really skinny and they need a little help in their dance moves..desperately!! anyways, i got an autograph from them after the performance, they were a little bit cranky...although the "monica from friends" lookalike seemed nice.

then i went to the concert, they didn't open the doors till 7 so there was a mob of people there and a lot of pushing and shoving to get into the concert hall. b*witched opened up and they did the same song as they did at the mall (check out their cd, its pretty cool). then britney performed...i was a little bit disappointed. As a britney fan, i was expecting her to do all this flips and stuff but all she did was stand there most of the time (maybe because she had to use a microphone and not a headset). anyways, the majority of the time, most of the audience focused on the dancers...they were the best dancers i have seen second to usher. all i could say was the dancers were the show, not britney. oh, and britney was wearing a bit of a hoochie outfit. it was a black velvet shirt with sparkly stripes going down that stops to her midrift (she must love her stomach a lot) and she had on this tight black velvet pants with sparkly stripes going down also.

then finally, our favorite fab five came on stage. most of you have heard this part from other people. they come out in this glowin the dark astrounautish (does that word exist?) suit and they do all this robotic moves to the music of star wars. it was cool because they were right on the beats and they were in sync....(ahh!!-corny but oh well). next they did there introductions, each one of them came out separately. first joey, then chris (his pitch was so high yet beautiful), then justin (and he sang "have i ever crossed your mind anytime" by brian mcknight). Everyone turned to putty at that point. Now i'm not a very big justin fan but i couldn't help but fall in love with that beautiful voice!! then jc came singing beautifully and lance came in last with his deep sexy voice...they turned out the bass system there so you could hear lance really well. then they did a bunch of accapella songs with justin doing beatbox on the mike (my favorite part): jive talkin, beegees, jayz "can i get a..", that one missy song with timbaland and magoo (the one that sounds like the i dream of jeannie theme song), then they did this song by timbaland i think, it goes "up jumps the boogie, boogie jumps the beat" and gettin jiggy with it. then they performed all of the songs in the first album except sailing, i need love (yuck!), and everything i own. oh yeah, they had on three costume changes: black long coats with a baby blue dress shirt and black pants; then it was there casual outfits: chris-fubu jersey, lance-light green opened shirt with a white shirt underneath, justin- babyblue fleece, joey-red opened shirt with a superman shirt underneath, jc- cut off sleeved shirt (could see a wife beater) and a barette (weird combo). oh yeah, i think joey got a haircut, it seems a little buzzed. oh yeah, here is the juicy part..guess who i saw at the snack food line....none other than danielle fisher....i'm not joking guys!! i even got her autograph on my program book!!!!!! makes you wonder what she's doing there huh? but i ain't gonna start anything because i'll just get hate mail from the grannies about starting this whole gf thing again..oh yeah and they did for the girl and it was in a faster tempo and they did the chair dance, i loved the part where they spin the chairs around!! and jc carries a red rose in the beginning and he throws it out to the if you are in the front rows, you have a good chance of getting that rose! that was pretty much it was like seeing them perform at the disney channel-they had the same moves, they did the similar "yes yes here we go" contest, my side lost:( overall, it was a pretty good concert. the guys are as real as they are in television. this was my first concert and it was unbelievably fun!! some of the fans were just sitting around not participating and that sucked!! if you want the show to be worth your money, make yourself have fun!! they checked our bags for cameras but they didn't frisk us. bring cameras anyways because they can't take away everybody's cameras-duh! bring lots of films or disposable cameras-two is not enough!!! well i hope all of you weren't too bored with this message..i just had to tell someone about my wonderful day!! my advice for future concert goers- have fun and bring lots of film, $50 should be enough for souvenirs and the concert is around 2 hours and 15 mins.; for those who already saw an nsync concert-i'm glad i could finally relate to your concert experience!!