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May 4th, 1999 at The Mark Of The Quad Cities

This concert was sooo awesome, one of the best I've ever been to. Where to start... ok, well, first, I had heard they were doing a meet and greet before hand, with about 40-50 fans. So naturally, I wanted to get there early, but my sister who was driving said no... so we couldn't go. They did have a meet and greet, and I was so mad I didn't get to go. Well, anyway. First, one of their opening bands, Blaque came out. They were pretty good, but nothing compared to *N Sync! Then about a half hour later, Tatyana Ali came out, and she was really good, she got the crowd really going. She sang about 4 or 5 songs, and then went in. The stage people came out, and they swept the stage and everything, during about a 30 min. intermission. The the lights went out, and everyone started screaming SO loud!! The lights stayed off for about 5 minutes, while people were screaming, and it was really cruel to the fans! Just kidding. Well, anyway. The came out, opening with "Here We Go". That's my all time fave song by them. It got us really going. Then, they went through the 60's, and sang "That Thing You Do", the 70's, and I can't remember what they sang there. Then, in the 80's, they sang a song, I can't remember what it was, but they were dressed as New Kids On The Block, which I thought was awesome! I can't really remember all the songs they sang, or what order, but I know they sang GMHSALMTOY, I Drive Myself Crazy, I Want You Back, and Tearin' Up My Heart. I can't remember the others. Oh yeah, of course Sailing, can't forget that!!!!!!!! Anyway, during GMHSALMTOY, ya know at the end when Justin goes "A little more time, on you", well, every time he got to "A little more time" and the he paused, and everyone started screaming really loud, so he couldn't continue. He had to sing "A little more time" about 5 or 6 times... and then Chris went over and whispered something to him, and Joey was pointing at his watch, it was funny. Anyway, he went "A little more time" and then we started screaming, and he put his finger up to his lips and everyone shut up! I wish I could do that! LOL. They finished that song, and came back out and did I Want You Back, and Tearin' Up My Heart for the encore. Then they went in again, changed clothes, and came back out to do Sailing. They flew! LOL, you probably already knew that they did, but they got picked up (Like in Sister Act 2), and they flew out over the audience! It was sooo awesome! Chris and Joey were on my side, JC in the middle, and Lance and Justin on the opposite side. We were in 38th row on the floor, and they stopped right above us (where the thing ended). The second time they came out during a different song, I can't remember what it is), they were doing flips and stuff, and Chris' pants fell down! LOL! It was SOOOO funny! But when they were stopped right above us, me, my sister, and my sisters friend stood on our chairs and were waving our arms in the air and screaming "CHRIS!" really loud because Chris was RIGHT over us... I mean, if he was down lower we could have touched his face or something! Then he looked right down at us, smiled, and waved. I swear he waved at us, but that's probably what everyone around us is saying too. When we left the venue, everyone sounded like chipmunks to me... lol. It was sooo fun, I'd go again if I had the chance, which I might because I heard that they might come back in the fall. Yahoo!!!