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St. Louis, MO August 5th and Chicago, IL August 7th

O.k. the whole thing started on Wednesday when me and Nichole left Michigan for Iowa to pick up some friends of hers for the St. Louis show on Thursday. We drove around all night and finally got a hotel thursday afternoon and we got ready for the show. When we got to the venue we waited outside in the heat forever. We finally got in and me and Nichole went and watched the opening acts at the first stage. We were in the second row there and got good pics from it. Then we went to where *N Sync was goin to play and waited for 3rd Storee to start- they were cute and really good then came Jordan Knight and that guy can sing AND dance good! DJ Finesse was pretty kick ass too.

*N Sync finally came out with their whole Mission Impossible opening and its so cute (: The show was great but I won't get to into was pretty much the same as the one I saw in March....but it was great

Anyways after the show we found out where *N Sync was and it was some airplane cargo thing, I dont even know...we got out and saw Chris and Busta but then some lady with a few kids said that the bodyguards were calling the cops so we got back in the car and chilled for a while til some guy asked us who we were waiting for and then told us we had to leave so we did.

The next day we drove to Iowa and dropped her friends off then Nichole and I drove back to Michigan and picked up her boyfriend and stayed at her house....we woke up the next morning and got ready for the Chicago show that night.

We had heard about the Kellogs box top thing so we went and bought 20 boxes of cereal, lol. We got to Chicago at about 6 and we didn't win anything with our box tops besides a picture with Tony The Tiger, lol.

Well the show that night was as good as the one two days before, lol...our seats were better the end they ended up flying right above us and that was cool (: J.C. waved to Nichole and it was cute too. Thennnn after that show we knew where they were stacying that night to we headed there and got there before them, lol. We weren't positive if they were gonna go there or not but we were hoping so. like 5 minutes later in pulls their bus and I was sooo happy (: Joey and Lance got off first and they were saying hi to people and stuff and when they came over by us Nichole grabbed Lance's backpack and she was holding my camara...well I ended up getting my picture taken with him and I took a picture of her and Lance too. It was cool he walked right up to me and put his arm around me so I put mine around him, was great and he was so sweet. He had to go though, lol. J.C. came in next and said whats up but that was pretty much it...the bodyguards weren't really letting them talk =0( Chris came in next and took some pics I think...I got one of him but I'm not in it with him, but Busta is and he's sooo cute! Well when Chris was comin in Justin walked in behind everyone...he was on his cell phone and he plugged his other ear...he did not look up once say anything to anyone or even smile...who knows who he was talkin to but it depressed me seeing how he is my favorite and he didn't even look up at all....ohhh well Lance made up for it, lol. Ummm....I dunno what else really- every place in Chicago was booked so we drove home that night and stayed at Nichole's...we didn't get there til after 6 a.m. and we slept til 3, lol. I guess thats like my whole story but I finally met *N Sync offstage, lol was great and a lot of fun- I hope I get to again! Check for pics from it soon as my scanner is hooked back up! K buh bye!