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March 28th Grand Rapids, MI.

O.k. guys this is the best time I have ever had!! I left for the concert the day before even though the show was a half hour away from my house. I stayed in a hotel the night before with a bunch of friends and it was sweet! We stayed up all night and we saw Tatiana Ali's bus get to our hotel but she didn't come off of it until early the next morning along with Divine. I didn't take any pictures then because I didn't wanna be rude.

We got to the venue at like 1:00 or around then and there were radio stations there giving away tickets and backstage passes and things like that. We stood outside forever and didn't win ANYTHING!! But I did see Tatiana Ali there and I got a close picture of her and I got a few of Steve (Joey's bother) So it wasn't all bad =0) We stood outside til around 7:00 when we actually got let into the Van Andel. It was crazy. We went to our seats which were soo far back and I was kinda depressed about them.

Well Divine opened and did a good job. I actually went and got some food during them, lol. (I hadn't ate all day) Well next was Tatiana and she was great...I think that girl is soo sweet and I love her voice.

Well after that they took a break so they could set up for *N Sync. Well me and about 6 of my friends were sitting at our seats and I looked across the venue at my friend Nichole (she is the girl I was staying at the hotel with) walking towards the stage so I told one of my friends to come with me to see what she was up to. We got to almost the back of the stage where we saw her talking to a bodyguard about something I had no clue about. She turned to talk to us and then one of the bodyguards tapped her on the shoulder and handed her an orange wristband. Then he handed me and my friend Stacy one too. I had no clue what it was for and the bodyguard said something but I dont know what...then I go to Nichole "What is this for?!?" And she goes "WE'RE GOIN ONSTAGE!!!" Thats about the time I lost it. I ran back to my seats on the WHOLE other side of the venue and told my friends and they all freaked out. Then I had to run back the other side of the venue to where Nichole's seats were so I could make it to the stage in time. Whenever we heard "Here We Go" we had to go back to where we first got the wristbands.

*N Sync opened with a really cool blacklight dance but I am not gonna spoil anything (try not to at least) well the first song the sang was "Here We Go"!!!! I was so excited...we started our way to the stage. When we got there we jumped some wall and went right behind the stage. The bodyguard was telling us what was going on and what we were suppose to do but when he was talking I looked away for a minute and saw Justin like 10 feet from me drinking water backstage!! Then I realized I was supposed to be listening to the guy so I went back to that. Well at that point there were 6 of us backstage and then they put us like on the side of the stage so really noone could see us (we were still backstage) I was second to last in the line of girls but then 4 other girls came and the bodyguard took Stacy to the other side of the stage with those girls so I was last in the line. There were 5 girls on each side of the stage. Lance and Joey were on one side and Justin and Chris were on the other while J.C. talked. I wanted to be with Justin more than ANYTHING so I was back there hoping he was on my side. Well we started walking out and Chris took the first 2 girls and I saw Justin!! I thought he was gonna take my and Nichole's hands but he didn't. Instead he came and walked next to me with his hand on my back the whole time! Then he goes to me "Are you o.k.??" And I was like "Yeah, just a little nervous" and he looked at me again and smiled and goes "So your SURE your o.k?!?" and I was like "Yeah" then he pointed to a stair and goes "o.k. right there" so I sat there and I was like "Woah!! I just talked to Justin!!!!!" He turned around and looked at Nichole and pointed and went "I've seen you before!!" It was soooo cute!! Then he had to start singing and dancing with the chairs. The dances they did with those chairs drove me CRAZY!!! lol I loved it soo much. I was watching Justin VERY closely, lol then he walked over and sat by me and Nichole and it was a tight fit but I loved it!!! He was leaning on us and stuff. It was soo great-he kept smiling and I knew I was!!! Then he had to get up and go like to the other side of the eyes followed him for a while! lol

Thats not the end! Well then I looked in front of me and J.C. was right there dancing by the chair Justin was just at. He was like 1 or 2 feet in front of me...I was like "Woah!!!" Thats about all the happened with J.C....

Then I saw Chris at that chair and he looked sooo good in his jersey (it said K Johnson (sp?!?)on the back, lol) then he came over and sat on the other side of me...the one Justin didn't sit it was like me and him noone was on the other side of him! I like just looked at him. He said something to me really quick but I dont know what =0( Then he was singing and it sounded SOOO cool! His voice is soo awesome. They were all soo close!!!

Well the song was getting over and Chris stood up in front of me and Nichole and he took our hands and walked us off the stage. When we got to the end of the stage he goes "Thank you!" and I was shocked he thanked me!! I didn't know what to say to that so I just go "Thank you so much!!" and walked offstage and their bodyguard was like "How was THAT?!?" And we were all like "OH MY GOD!!!" lol and he told us "the best was yet to come" The rest of the concert was soooo awesome...but I dont want to give anything away to people who are going to see them! Just have fun!!!

This was the best night of my life and I'll remember it forever. I was interviewed for the Grand Rapids newspaper too so I am in that! People have came up to me ALL day at school. Its soo cool!! Anyways I'll talk to you all later! Peace out!!