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August 25th Interview at WSNX

Keith: Introduce yourself let everybody know who you are. Well everybody already knows who you are but for those who havenít been on Earth..

Justin: The voices

Keith: Yeah

Lance: Iím Lance

J.C.: Iím J.C.

Joey: Iím Joey

Justin: I would be Justin

Chris: Do you remember when they phased out BooBerry?

Keith: Oh man just introduce yourself

Chris: Remember that Frankenberry and Count Chocula? What happened to BooBerry? Got rid of him!

J.C.: Its a conspiracy. People are afraid to know theirs a poltergeist.

Chris: I donít know what it is-that just ainít right. We are gonna march a campaign..bring back the cop.

Keith: Thatís a question for you, what kind of food do you eat?

All: Junk food

Keith: Whatís your favorite kind of cereal?

Lance: Mine was Frankenberry

Chris: Phased him out!

J.C. Down with the poltergeist, down with the poltergeist!

Justin: Cereal was a fad, huh?

Joey: Ghostbusters!

Chris: We still got the Trix Rabbit, right?

All: Yeah

Keith: Yeah he is runnin around

(I canít understand right her cause they are all talking thenÖ)

Joey: (singing)Hoppin down the bunny trail

Keith: Someone bit the Trix Rabbit in the ass I heard that

Chris: Really? Their gonna phase him out too

Justin: It was Tony the Tiger

Joey: The tiger caught him, GREEEAAAT

(someone growls here)

Keith: The tiger got pissed man and bit the rabbit

Chris: Dead cartoon cereal box heaven

Justin: You know what they should do? They should have a celebrity deathmatch with all the mascots of cereal. Trix Rabbit, Tony the Tiger, Lucky Charms leprechaun

Chris: As long as they still got em! If their still here.

Justin: Who else is there?

J.C.: Count Chocula

Chris: Count Chocula-PHASED OUT!

Justin: Who evers the super star athlete on the Wheaties box is at the moment, Tiger Woods right now.

Chris: Tigers gone

Keith: I was thinking about you guys cause tomorrow Game Day comes out, if it woulda came out today I would have bought you a copy.

All: ooohhhh

Chris: Game day? Have you played Extreme? NFL Extreme?

Keith: No I havenít messed with Extreme

Chris: We partying tonight?

Keith: Yeah can we hang?

Chris: Yeah, I got my playstation, we gotta play NFL Extreme

Keith: O.K. after the show Iíll go to the hotel.

Chris: Pittsburg kills all the teams, Pittsburgh the best cause Cordell is unstoppable as quarterback.

Keith: oh yeah?

Chris: Yeah, Iím just telling you right now

Keith: Iíll take you on, I can probablyÖ

Chris: Nothin against the Lions but Iím just sayiní

Keith: Who said Iím playin with the Lions? Just cause were here in Michigan man

Chris: I like the Lions thatís whyÖMy boys out there.

Keith: Man donít give me no mess. All right tell me about the Disney thing man. You guys just really blew up after it. How did you feel about the whole production of that?

Lance: Thank you Disney-yeah (clapping) It was wonderful, it was great. When they came up with the idea of the special we were like o.k. so then we did it and released it and like you said like within 2 weeks it just blew up the album went platinum and everything just happened so fast. We canít thank them enough.

Keith: Yeah, so what else was I gonna ask you? Iíll tell you Chris why donít you ask them one question since you have the mic. Now you got the four guys from the band. Chris if there was one question you had to ask the guys from the band, I want you to look them square in the eyes and ask it right now.

Chris: All right, who took that 20 bucks from my pants pocket?

*all laugh but Chris*

All: Wasnít me!

Chris: I fell asleep on the plane and I woke up and there was 20 bucks missing and yaíll were grinning. I donít know who it was.

Lance: The old lady next to ya, she was coocoo for CoCo Puffs!

Chris: She was from here so sheíll be hearing it!

Keith: O.K. we are gonna go down the line, Justin your next.

Justin: One question?

Keith: Now I want you to think serious, what would it be?

Justin: UmmmÖthe only thing I can think of right now is to ask them who they thought the third party was in the room with the whole Clinton Lewinsky thing

*All laugh*


Chris: She had a stained dress for a year!

Keith: They said there was someone else in the room?

All: Yeah

Keith: I think it was the secret service guy, man.

Justin: No Iím just kiddin. I donít knowÖ

Keith: No dude do you think they had a threesome goin there?

*All talking here so I canít tell*

J.C.: I donít wanna know, I donít wanna know! Its none of my business!

Chris: Whereís his wife? Whereís Mrs. Clinton? Whatís she sayin about all this?

Keith: You know what? You know where Hillary is? Sheís down the street partyin man thatís why she donít care

J.C.: I donít wanna know, I donít wanna know

Chris: Iíll tell you what-they phased her out! Sheís with the cookie cop

Keith: All right J.C. your next, one question

J.C.: Did you ALL wear deodorant today?

*It got cut off here..I ran out of tape and had to get another one so I donít have this answer or the next question from Joey but it had to do with stand up comedyÖhere is where it starts back upÖ.*

Joey: I guess Iím really that funny, huh?

Chris: You should quit us and then open for us

J.C.: Do stand-up-cause you are the funniest guy I have ever met

Joey: So you think I am really funny? They like me they really like me

Keith: O.K. Joey since your so funny why donít you give us a joke

Joey: I suck at jokes-o.k. thereís a mushroom in a bar-oh its really funny-woo. Thereís a mushroom in a bar and the bartender says "hey we donít serve your kind" and he goes "why not? Iím a fun guy (fungi) (Joey laughs and then they all join in)

Chris: I could say one but Iíll probably get in trouble for sayiní it on the radio.

Keith: Yeah you probably would

Chris: Can I say it?

Justin: Does it have to do with the third party?

Keith: Yeah donít make it too graphic though

Chris: Yeah it does- What did they find on Monika Lewinskyís dress? I just heard this one today my best friend Angela told me.

Keith: Chris man I donít know what did they find?

Chris: A wad of bills


Keith: A wad of bills

Justin: wow

Chris: brought to you by Angela Bartilada(sp?) and his cousin Pete

Keith: Uh Lance if you had to ask a serious question of the rest of your band members I want you to look all four of these guys like you havenít ever seen them before and ask that question!

Lance: I donít know what to ask em! UmmmÖis it true yíall nominated me for the best bass singer for the Grammies this year?

Justin: Thatís not a category Lance

*All are like no and make a buzzer sound*

Justin: We did nominate you for teen idol of the year

Chris: Were trying to phase him out!

Justin: We nominated you and Uh Sarah Michelle Gellar for best kiss for the MTV video awards

Joey: WooHoo!

J.C.: There ya go!

Lance: All right!

Joey: That was a good kiss by the way

Justin: Way to be

Keith: All right fellows lets take care of some business cause I was waiting for you guys to give away the backstage passes to meet you guys tonight-hereís what Iím gonna do Iím gonna clear all the lines out right now

Justin: Well what caller are we gonna make it?

Keith: I dunno what caller do you want to make it? 5? Thereís 5 of you guys.

Chris: 5 is a good number

Justin: Thatís gonna go to fast lets make them call

Keith: You wanna make em call?

Joey: 749

Justin: Woah I donít know about that! Lets make it the 25th caller.

Keith: Make it the 25th caller?

Joey: That is a lot of calls!

Keith: Well someone come over here and answer the calls

Lance: We are gonna do it live on the radio?

Keith: Yeah live on the radio

Lance: We have to turn down 24 people on the radio?

Chris: That sucks!

Keith: Well you wanna do number 25?

Lance: Yeah

Keith: Thatís what you wanna do?

Lance: Sure

Keith: Well 770-8104 is the telephone number *N Sync is in the studio and we are looking for caller # 25?

All: Yes

Keith: All right caller #25. Uh hi whatís your name?

Caller: Maria

Keith: Your number 1 try again

Joey: Bye-bye

Keith: Lance you do the next one

Lance: All right do I push the button?


Lance: Oh hello? I canít hear her

Chris: Hello? Thatís o.k. you lost anyways! Next caller

Lance: Sorry you were #2 bye!

Keith: hi your #3. #4, #5-thats how you do it man

Lance: Oh o.k.-can I push the button? That button right there?

Keith: Yeah just push it

Chris: Thatís cold hearted you know!

Lance: #6 sorry, #7 sorry, hi your number 8, hello? Whoís this?

Keith: Are you alive? Hello?

Chris: Is your phone working?

Caller: Hello?

Lance: Hello

Caller: Hello

Lance: Hello

Chris: See I told you these things are rigged!

Caller: Am I caller #5?

Keith: Were looking for 25

Lance: Sorry you were #9

Caller: Keith?

Keith: Who?

Caller: Keith?Keith!Keith!

Keith: What? Good bye!

*Joey laughs*

Lance: Your #10 sorry call back, your #11 sorry. Hello whoís this?

Caller: This is Vicki

Lance: Oh your #12 sorry

Chris: Why are you talking to these people? Your being so nice to them and then you say sorry your losing!

J.C.: Halfway there

Lance: Your #13 sorry, #14 sorry, #15 sorry, hi your #16 sorry

Chris: Were gonna phase you out like the Cookie Cop!

Lance: 17 sorry, 18 sorry, 19 sorry, 20 sorry, 21 sorry, 22 sorry, 23 sorry, hi who is this?

Caller: Lacy

Lance: Well guess what

Caller: What?

Lance: Your #24 you were almost there

Chris: Wow!

Keith: Well wait a minute here we go fellows

Lance: uh, who is this?

Caller: hello?

Keith: Hello are you there?

Caller: yeah

Keith: Whatís your name?

Caller: Maria

Chris: Hillary Clinton and sheís ticked!

Keith: Hey Maria do you like ĎN Sync?

Caller: I love em

Keith: Oh do you

Lance: Do you have the album?

Caller: No I have the c.d.

Keith: What is it called?

Caller: íN Sync

Keith: Very good

Chris: Hear me snarl

Keith: Well guess what Maria is that your name?

Caller: yeah

Keith: Where you calliní from Maria?

Caller: Holland, Michigan

Keith: Holland? Can you get from Holland to Grand rapids?

Caller: Iím already goin to the concert

J.C.: All the way from Holland?

Chris: Congratulations! Your gonna see us!

Keith: Your the 25th caller

Caller: Oh my god!

Justin: We can spot her with the wooden shoes Joey: That was cool!

Keith: Uh for those of you who donít know what that is

Joey: Thatís was Lance

*All laugh*

Keith: No Joey seriously what was that?

Lance: Taz

Joey: Taz

Chris: Lanceís Taz

J.C.: A Tasmanian devil

Keith: Did someone give this to you in the parking lot?

Lance: Yeah they did

Chris: Lance likes Tasmanian devils, I like large bills

Keith: Awww that is so nice, they actually spent like 40 bucks on this thing

J.C.: Whatís her name? Wait right here

Keith: Is this her name? Should we read her letter on the radio? You guys read it on the air.

J.C.: This ones for you Lance you should read it

Lance: I donít wanna read it sheíll be mad at me-it might be too personal

J.C.: Dude its your letter!

Joey: Yeah you read it

Chris: Iíll read it! Give me it! *reading* Dear hmhmhm wonít say the name. Hello and welcome back to grand rapids again. My name is hmhmhm wonít say the name again. This performance is my 3rd time seeing you guys. The first time I saw you guys was at Disney for the taping of the ĎN Sync special. My friend and I just happened to be in Florida for vacation and we just happened to be ion the park that dayÖhmmm thatís a lot of coincidences. It took us only once to get hooked on ĎN Sync thereís just something addictive. I just wanna let you know youíve the best (I donít know the word I couldnít understand Chris, bass maybe?!?) with a beautiful voice and Iím sure you hear this all the time but you have such a sexy voice- oh baby.

*All Laugh*

Chris: Should I say that with a little more feeling?

Justin: Yeah say that sentence again

Chris: Iím sure you hear this all the time but you have SUCH a sexy voice-oh baby.

Justin: You gotta put the emphasis on the oh baby

Chris: Iím sure you hear this all the time but you have such a SEXY voice


Keith: Well we gotta let Lance do the oh baby cause heís got the

Chris: Heís got the bass voice

Lance: *Very low* Oh baby

Chris: *back to reading* I also think they whole group is blessed to have each other. *Not reading* So in other words Lance has the sexy voice and we have each other

*all laugh*

Chris: *Reading*It shows that there is 150% input in all the performances. Love your friend, hmhmhm

Justin: That is a sweet letter

Chris: And there is drool! And there is drool, there is drool on the paper

J.C.: That was a nice letter-Thank you!

Chris: That was a sweet letter Lance

Keith: All right you guys your gonna be doing this song later tonight live on stage and by the way you sold out the show 7, 500 tickets are gone

All: WooHoo!

Chris: Can we give another backstage pass to hmhmhm?

Keith: You wanna do that I have one more left

All: Sure

Keith: But she was out in the parking lot

Chris: Weíll hook her up then weíll do another caller

Keith: O.k. you wanna do another caller?

Chris: Yeah weíll hook her up.

Lance: Are we on Disney tonight?

Keith: I dunno are you on Disney tonight? It says ĎN Sync on Disney maybe its a repeat they play that damn show every 15 minutes.

Chris: I heard

Keith: All right weíre gonna get into Teariní Up My Heart you guys are gonna be doing this live tonight

All: Yes

Keith: Here is Teariní Up My Heart this is ĎN Sync weíll come back and have some more fun with these guys on WSNX.

*Play Teariní Up My Heart*

Keith: Its Tearin up their hearts

Chris: What if we make out own cereal? Like ĎN Sync cereal

J.C.: Yeah but then we could possible be phased out

Chris: Some of us could. The question is the strong will survive cause you know Pop was the coolest. Snap and Crackle were wusses.

Lance: Yeah, wait which one was Pop?

Chris: Pop had the dark hair with the yellow hat

Lance: Oh I like the blonde one

Chris: They were both blonde thatís why

Lance: Ohhh

Chris: Yeah see?

J.C.: Oh I see

Chris: You and Justin

Lance: Me and Justin are gonna be faded out, huh?

Chris: Phased out

Lance: Thatís all right cause weíll start our own cereal

Justin: Thatís all right we can be like Minuto

Chris: That means I gotta go, huh?

Justin: Yup!

Chris: No Tim Millers the first to go

*Justin laughs*

Keith: Well your tour must be hell man you guys must never sleep on it

Justin: Uh, I donít know about that

Chris: Iím tellin ya we could have like little marshmallow Nís in the cereal

Justin: About the time weíre traveling on the tour busÖ

Joey: Crunchy stars

Chris: Crunchy stars and marshmallow Nís

Justin: Its like 3 in the morning

Chris: ĎN Sync the cereal

Lance: Oh we do wanna tell you about our Christmas album

Chris: We do?

Lance: Yeah, weíre coming out with a Christmas album comin out in November weíre recording right now

Keith: Oh really?

Chris: Yeah you can play our songs- you heard it first right here!

Keith: Can you give us a sample?

All: UmmmmÖ

Keith: Go ahead

*all start joking and singing Jingle Bells-not too good, lol*

Keith: You think people are gonna pay 13 dollars for that?

J.C.: NoNoNoNO We justÖ

Justin: We canít give out any secrets

J.C.: We just started getting down on it actually the only remake weíve done so far is Chestnuts

Keith: Oh really

J.C.: Iíll tell ya that but thatís it

Lance: Itís gonna be happening

Keith: O.k. you gotta straighten this out for meÖ

Chris: Have you ever ate cereal with half and half?

J.C.: Thatís disgusting!

Keith: Chris man they need you outside for autographs


Keith: So tell me whatís the deal with..geez heís actually leaving-come on man you can come back

Joey: Weíll lock you out!

Justin: K heís gone now we can have a civilized interview

Keith: All right lets talk about the Janet Jackson thing


J.C.: Lets talk about the Janet Jackson thing!

Joey: *singing high!* we go deep and we donít get no sleep

Keith: Somebody lock Chris out

Justin: Man, lemme tell you how excited I am, this is Justin, I just wanna say Iíve been a big fanÖ

Chris:(in background) Haha it doesnít lock!

Justin: of Janets for a long long time actually thatís I mean I started watching her videos and thatís how I got started getting into like singing and dancing and stuff

Chris: The door doesnít lock

Keith: Oh, damn!

Chris: You canít say that on the radio

Keith: Oh I canít? Well itís after 6

Chris: No weíre phasing you out!

Keith: You want my job? Chris on the radioooooo!

Chris: Iíll do it! I could do it

Keith: So you guys so well how did this happen? Usherís gonna be doing his own thing I hear and you guys are gonna be opening the rest of the tour all the dates?

J.C.: Yeah

Lance: Yeah just I think October 14-31st

Keith: Thatís gonna be huge

J.C.: Then we hit our own tour

Keith: Then you hit your own tour?

All: Yup

Keith: So its nonstop

J.C.: Well the tour weíre getting ready to do is like a continuation of our last tour were gonna try to hit a bunch of cities we didnít hit last time and we are actually popping in cities we already went to.

Lance: We have a cooler stage

J.C.: Itíll pretty much be the same show-bigger

Keith: Lets do another winner

All: O.k.

Keith: Lets get caller #5 this time make it short. Caller #5 now. Lemme clear the lines cause they cheated.

J.C.: Clear the lines!

Keith: Lets wait for the lines to light up cause thatís always a pretty sight

Lance: Oh itís goin

Keith: There ya go

Chris: Its like Christmas!

Lance: Justin you get the first one-GO!

Justin: Uh, caller #1 sorry

Lance: Caller #2 sorry try back

Joey: Caller #3 sorry

J.C.: Caller #4 almost!

Lance: Hello who is this?

Caller: Judy


Lance: Well congratulations you were caller #5

All: Yeah WooHoo!

Justin: Where you calling from?

Caller: Grand Rapids

Keith: So your pretty close to the venue?

Caller: 10 minutes away

Chris: You know whatís gonna happen donít you? Next time we come to Grand Rapids their gonna be throwing Cookie crisps on stage I can feel it!

Keith: Are you willing to do any accapella stuff before you leave?

Chris: Sure what do you want us to do?

Keith: I want you to do God Must Have Spent cause thatís the jam

Lance: We just played that

Keith: I know man thereís a difference between acappella and well what do you guys wanna do?

Lance: Weíll just do God Must Have Spent

*All tuning up*

Chris: We gotta get our notes cause weíve never done this like on the spot your pressuring us but its cool, its cool

*sing acappella-GREAT!*

Chris: Weíll work on it a little bit

Keith: Man thatís great. Iím looking forward to seeing you guys on stage tonight Iíll be introducing you so weíll be hanging out. Then Iím taking you on in ummÖ

Chris: Extreme! NFL Extreme!

Keith: Extreme later on tonight


Keith: I appreciate you guys stopping by love ya and thanks for doin such a great job in music and be safe on stage tonight. We are gonna get into I want you back your gonna this live tonight

Joey: WooHoo!

Keith: ĎN Sync exclusively at WSNX say peace out fellows

All: PEACE OUT! (You can hear Chris the most though)

I donít know who says this(Maybe Lance?!?!?) OOOHH BABY!

*Then I want you back*