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December 18 Jingle Ball

Hey hey! This is May..I went to the San Jose Jingle Ball on Friday, December 18th, 1998. I went to the airport right after school (and it turns out, my flight was delayed..ugh). So, I waited..and I waited..and I waited..and it guess what? I saw my sisterís 7th grade teacher sitting behind me. WAH! But its all good cuz the plane came, and I was off to San Jose! (Oh yeah, I live in Las Vegas, so I had to take a 1 hour an 15 minute flight to San Jose.)

I arrive at the airport late (because of my delayed flight) and it turns out that my ride was waiting for me! Well, it was all good cuz they got lost on the way to the airport! Hehe! So then we try to get out of the parking lot (which really bugged me, but we had fun in the car)..and we finally got out.. "Teariní Up My Heart" came on the radio! Hehe! We got to the hotel, put our stuff in the room and headed for the San Jose Arena!

We parked the car and walked to the arena. It was COLD! Well, maybe cuz I was wearing a white shirt and khakis! No coat! Ugh..Iím dumb. Well..we got there..waited in a line, got thru security (He didnít check me! Hehe! So, I am going to share some pix!), and went down to the floor (That is such a LONG walk! Ugh! Hehe). Went to our seats (I was Floor, Section 2, Row 30, Seat 2), and got bored, so my friend Alicia and I walked up those stairs and bought a $6 glow stick and a $5 picture. It was so cool. Then we walked back down those stairs to our seats.

Ok..the show didnít really start til like 7:15 or something, but there was screaming in those sections by the stage! AHHHHHHHH! Hehe. I bet they saw *N Sync..lucky..So, the show started..FUN..I really donít remember all the performers! Iíll try my best though!

Gosh..the suspense was building! Well..only cuz the DJ was like, "Iím on the phone with Justin of *N Sync now, and they are backstage listening to you! And he says HI!" Gosh! Talk about getting the crowd pumped up! He kept on doing that the whole night! Hehe. And every time he mentioned JUSTIN or *N SYNC, the crowd went crazy!

The performers that were there were (in no particular order): Jennifer Paige, PM Dawn, INOJ, Voices of Theory, Kai *sigh*, 98 degrees (Ahhhhhhhhh) , *N Sync, and many others..I think..:-)

98 degrees came on and performed (They are so cute! Hehe) "Heat It Up," "The Hardest Thing," "Invisible Man," "True To Your Heart," and "Because of You." The surprising thing was that they were called back on stage, and you know what happened? DREW, JEFF, AND NICK TOOK OFF THEIR SHIRTS AND THREW THEM INTO THE AUDIENCE!! *sigh*

Ok..then the best part of the show: *N SYNC! They made us wait! Well, we just screamed and waited..Hehe. They sang "Tearing Up My Heart," "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You," "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays," "I Want You Back" and their little "mix." Lance got Jiggy Wit It! Hehe! It was sooooo cute! But, they left..and we had to leave throat was sore, and I was like deaf! Hehe! My friends and me were screaming to each other!

We went back to the hotel, and these girls were following us, in hopes that we knew if *N Sync was staying in that hotel! And we just messed with them, pretending that we did! But, *N Sync left right after the concert. Darn. But it was fun.

So, the next morning, we all went to McDonalds, and then I was dropped off at the airport. I got lost looking for my terminal! with 20 minutes before my flight, I ran from one end of the airport to the other end! But, I did find it. Good thing! So then I flew back to Las Vegas, and got my pictures developed. This was really fun. I canít wait til the rest of my concerts! Til then, BYE!