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December 12 Chattanooga, TN

Well, around 6:45pm Britney Spears came out and sang four songs that included "Hit Me One More Time." After that we waited a while and they played 5 songs and at the end of each song people (even me) screamed cause we thought it was time for them. This radio station (Kicks Fm) real popular here hosted it and was there and this one guy got the crowd hyped up. Finally what seemed forever (and it did) the lights went out and they started playing "Darth Vader" and were dressed in these space-men suits. Weird at first. Than they took those off and danced around to that music. And they impersonated other songs/bands. They did Will Smith, and Justin did Usher. He sang "Nice and Slow" and no he didn't take off his pants. Ohh well. Than they went backstage and stuff and they came back out and sang "(God Must Have) Spent A Little More Time On You." Here are the songs I remember them playing....In no order. It's Tearin Up My Heart I Just Wanna Be With You Here We Go For The Girl Who Has Everything (God Must Have) Spent A Little More Time On You You Got It I Want It I Need Love I Want You Back I Would Give Everything I Drive Myself Crazy I'm Crazy For You Giddy Up Well, on the song "Here We Go" they split up the auditorium down the middle and one side had Justin and Lance and the other side (the side me and my friend were on) had JC and Joey. We had to do this motion thing and say certain things. Our side won! According to them. One part of the show they brought out water-guns!! They weren't as long and stuff like Hanson cause at their show I wasn't near the stage (not close at all) and got squirted by Zac but last night didn't. My friend Emily was there and she did!! Um, let's see. They sang a Christmas song they wrote and than "Oh, Holy Night" a cappella. Justin and the drummer had a little competition. Like the drummer would drum a beat and just would rap it. It was cool. Hm. Than at the end they shook peoples hands and stuff and some girls gave them stuffed animals and they took it. They didn't take the flowers though. They wore 4 different outfits. Oh, JC said he's only been in Tennessee two days and he really likes it and they said about 5 times they were going to come back. Well, that's really all I can remember. Oh, yeah! Plus when me and my friend were standing in line to get our programs they ran out the door to their bus!!! Aah! If we were at the booth by the doors we would have seen them! Oh, man, that made me mad. Well, if N'SYNC comes to your town you have to see them!!! Sorry if this bugged you or whatever! Any questions just E-mail me! The prices on their things are the same as Hanson's!