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News and Updates

It says on the Official site that the Teen Awards are August 1st but I think I saw a preview that said a different day...August 8th maybe?? if ya know for sure when they are on tell me so I can post it for sure!!

August 9th is the Teenapalosa in Los Angeles CA check local listings!

Miss Teen USA on August 24th...I remember last years!! It was right before my first concert I went to :)

MTV Awards show will be on September 9th...check local listings when it gets closer!!

I have heard a lot of different dates for the Pay Per View show...Last I heard it was September 11th...anyone know?? Tell me!

How cute was All Accesss on MTV?!? Eat Eat Eat All Day Long Eat Eat Eat While I Sing This Song Eat Eat Eat Cuz It Tastes Real Good Eat Eat Eat In Your Neiborhood! lol sorryyy I had to do that (-:

Lance was hospitalized but it is nothing major and he is probably out by now...anyways keep him in your prayers til he is fully recovered! (:

P.P.V. Special on May 17th (possible air date)

They are showing the Disney concert again Wednesday (May 19th) but check local listings for times

Wonderful World Of Disney on May 23rd

The Blockbuster Awards are May 25th check local listings!!

Saturday morning (May 1st) *N Sync will be on the WB chillin with the check it out

On May 1st *N Sync will be on the Kids Choice Awards.

*N Sync, 98* and Tyrese will be on another Disney concert special June 18th!

At the April 8th concert in Dallas, *N SYNC received a plaque for having the fastest sellout in Dallas history...they sold out in 13 minutes!

"Here We Go" is being played in the background for the movie, "Bug's Life"! I like freaked when I heard it bein played on a

Check out QVC on Monday April 26th at 6-7:30 for some special *N SYNC stuff that will be on sale!

Make sure to watch the MTV Music Awards this September 9, 1999.

*N Sync is gonna be on the Tonight show with Jay Leno on April 12th so make sure to watch...They have looked good the last times they were on it!!

They will be on a pay per view special on the 15th of April...check local listings for times!

*N Sync will be on Rosie again on May 12th so check it out...I bet Lance is happy!

*N Sync was on FANatic on 3-31-99 With 2 girls...these girls were onstage at the same time I was at my concert! yay! LOL ANYWAYS this was a great show and the guys seemed so nice to them! We all knew Justin would wanna be Cinderella, lol JK.

*N Sync's "I Drive Myself Crazy" video premiered on MTV's TRL and it was soo awesome. The guys looked great and it made me crack up a lot too. You all HAVE to see it!

A D.J. on my radio station said that at the concert on Sunday he saw Lance with Danielle and that they were pretty close and holding hands and all that good stuff. Then When he asked Justin about Britney Justin just said "Man why you back here anyways" or something like that jokingly I think..anyways he wouldn't answer the question so WHO KNOWS!!

*N Sync was on Rosie on 2-19-99 They sang "God Must Have Spent..." talked a little then sang "I Want You Back" It was great.

*N Sync's limited enhanced single went on sale February 9th

There are 2 Yahoo! Chats coming up one February 18th and another on february 22nd at 5:45 EST time.

This month *N Sync will be making the video for "I Drive Myself Crazy" so watch for it!

*N Sync will be recording their new c.d. this month and it will be released sometime in August or September.

February 24th is the Grammy's- Watch for *N Sync!!

Go to the official *N Sync site to see about a limited c.d. and how to win one...

*N Sync was on Sabrina and all of TGIF Feb. 5th and it was very cute=0)

*N Sync both presented AND won "best New Artist" on the American Music Awards-CONGRATULATIONS

AOL Entertainment Asylums You've Got ans online award totals are in- *N Sync won for "C.D. Of The Year" and "Favorite Musical Artist" and Justin won "Hottest Male" and Sexiest Newcomer" CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!

Guys...I have been getting some e-mails asking if I am gonna get more interviews and chats up and I am working on it but it takes a while to get em all up so check out soon for them!! I promise!!!

Woah did everyone check out *N Sync's favorite videos?? That was a LOT of *N Sync and noone is complaining! They talked in between the songs and at the end they showed a little of their concert and it was sweet!

Right before their videos that had a show with all guy groups and *N Sync was before that they replayed FANatic...wasn't that a great day?!?!

I am pretty sure *N Sync's new single is "I Drive Myself Crazy" because I have been hearing it all day on the radio=0) Soo we get to hear more of Chris which is cool...

Yahoo! Chat with Chris was Tuesday and he answered lots of questions...I'll have the transcript up soon along with Lance's, and Joey's...make sure to check back soon for them!

Watch Rosie February 8th so you don't miss *N Sync on there!!

*N Sync was #95 with "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You", 31 with "I Want You Back", and #7 with "Tearin' Up My Heart" on the MTV end of year countdown!!

*N Sync is on the cover of the latest issue of Teen people and there is a contest to be roadie for a day so check it out!
Heres what it said: You'll get a chance to hang out backstage and see everything from the sound check to the main event: Nsync's exciting stage show. To enter, send your name, address, telephone number and age to: Nsync Sweepstakes,c/o Shannon NcCormick, Teen People,P.O. Box 999,Radio City Station,New York, NY 10101-0999. All entries must be recieved by February 4, 1998(yah that's my birthday)....and than it goes on with all the formalities.

~*N Sync's "I Want You Back" won the Billboard Music Video Awards for Best Clip of the Year and Best New Artist Clip of the Year in the dance video category

~Don't you guys want some of that action Kathy Griffin got from Lance at the BillBoards?!?! I do!!! lol

~*N Sync was on Regis and Kathie Lee today (December 28) They sang "I want you back" and talked a little bit. It was a clip of the old one where they were wearing the suits from Disney *N Sync *N Concert.

~*N Sync was on TRL December 17th and they presented Carson with a gift, Sang a little of "O Holy Night", and piled on Carson. lol. Justin made it clear he is NOT dating Britney Spears or anybody!!

~They were on Regis and Kathie Lee Christmas Eve and sang "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" and did a good job but Justin's part was cut out. Probably due to the fact that Justin was "Under the weather" (sick) I hope he felt better by Christmas!

~The Disney concert was great...they sang "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" and "God Must Have Spent..." they looked great in those leather jackets.

~*N Sync has been doing yahoo chats once and a while. I have only been to one and I asked many questions and one of mine was asked and answered by J.C. which made my year. lol. The next one I was at the *N Sync concert in Kalamazoo so I missed it and didn't know about the next one. I'll be at the next one January 5th 5-6 p.m. pacific so don't you miss it either.