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About Me

Hey what up? Here's more bout me...

Name: Callie
Age: 17
Birthday: Feb. 4
Location: Michigan
Fave Bands: Papa Roach, Eve 6, *N Sync, Savage Garden, Slipknot, Matchbox 20, 3 Doors Down...
Fave Songs: "Criminal", "Kryptonite", "Last Resort", "Promise"...
Fave Color: Blue
Fave Food: Italian and Tex-Mex
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
height: 5'6
Best friends: Hil, Jenn, and Dee
Here are some pictures of me and some of my friends

These are the most recent pics of Sarah

This is some friends that I went to a hotel with before a *N Sync was great :)

This is me and some of my friends at my *N Sync concert in March

Me at school...

This is my sister Julie and one with me (:

This is Nichole She lives a little while away from me and we had been to like 4 different concerts together and like 3 different states, lol...ummm we met *N Sync and went onstage with em together (:

This is Alison She's cool...I've met her a few times...anddd she's met the guys a bunch