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Joey Fatone

Joey pictures
Full name:Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr.
Birthdate:January 28, 1977
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Home: Orlando, Florida
Family: Mother, Phyllis; Father, Joe senior; Sister, Janine, 26; Brother, Steven, 23
Favorite food: Italian
Car: Acura SLX
Star Sign: Aquarius
Best mates: Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini
Favorite film star: Robert De Niro
Favorite colors: Purple and red
Favorite music: Musicals and movie soundtracks
Collector's item: Superman memorabilia
favorite Childhood toy, according to Mom: "It was a red, white, and blue monkey, but he doesn't have it anymore. He loved hand puppets. He still has one, a big brown monkey that his aunt bought him that still sits in his room."
favorite *N Sync song: "'I Want You Back' because it was the first to go gold."

All info. taken from *N Sync The Official Book