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Brahminist Occupied Governments

Allies of Mughalstanism

The aim of the "Brahminist Occupied Governments" website is to provide a central directory of human rights and nationalist organisations working for the preservation of endangered nationalities in South Asia. Indeed, since 1947, `secular democratic India' has been in effect a Brahminist Empire, suppressing its non-Hindu and non-Brahmin populations. As a result of systematic repression and genocide, several independance movements have arisen amongst the suppressed sub-nationalities. It is hoped that, by spreading awareness about atrocites perpetrated against these peoples and their struggle for freedom, an improvement in the human rights situation shall result.

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Brahminist Occupied Mughalstan

Qutb's Mughalstan Homepage
Good Homepage on Mughalstan
Mughalstan Message Board
Unmoderated Discussion on Mughalstan

Brahminist Occupied Islamestan

Lashker Taiba
Liberation of the Mughalstani part of Islamestan
United Jihad Council
For a United States of Islam, a united Islamestan
Supporters of Shariah
Islamic resistance against Hindutva
Islamic resistance against Hindutva
United States of Islam
For a United States of Islam, a united Islamestan

Brahminist Occupied Kashmir

Free Indian-Held Kashmir at Gun-Point
Brahminist Oppression in Kashmir
Gharib Hanif's Jammu and Kashmir
Brahminist Oppression in Kashmir
Rape of Kashmir
Brahminist Oppression in Kashmir
Struggle against Brahminist Dharma-Yuddh
Jammu and Kashmir: The Slaughter of Democracy
Electoral Fraud in Brahminist-Occupied Kashmir
KRIS - Kashmir Information Service
Human Rights Violations in Brahminist-Occupied Kashmir
Paradise on Fire
Kashmir in Flames
Jammu and Kashmir - Desolation or Peace
Kashmir in Flames
Kashmir Council for Human Rights
Abuse of Human Rights in Kashmir
Asim Mughal's Kashmir Home Page
Documents relating to Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir

Brahminist Occupied Khalistan

Burning Punjab
Brahmin-Engineered Genocide of 300,000 Sikhs
Council of Khalistan
The Official Government of Khalistan
Khalistan - The New Global Reality
Comprehensive site on Khalistan
Dal Khalsa
Pioneer Organisation for Khalistan
Khalistan Government in Exile
The Republic of Khalistan
Collapse of the Brahminist Empire
Free Online Book on Sikh Resistance against Brahmin Genocides
Khalsa Human Rights
Monitoring Human Rights Abuses

Brahminist Occupied Dalitstan

Dalitstan Journal
Huge site on Dalit Resistance against Brahmin Tyranny
Excellent Site on Dalit Resistance against Brahmin Tyranny

Brahminist Occupied Tamil Nadu

Tamil Tribune
Monthly newpaper working for Tamil Freedom
Revival Movement for Dravidian Religion
Reviving the Dravidian Religion (Shaivism)

Brahminist Occupied Telengana

Telengana Nadu Journal
Telugu militancy against Brahmin Exploitation
PWG (Peoples' War Group)
Telugu militancy against Brahmin Exploitation

Brahminist Occupied Assam

ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam)
Fighting against Brahmanic Oppression.
Assam Watch
Monitoring Human Rights Abuses in Assam
Assam Human Rights
Monitoring Human Rights Abuses in Assam

Brahminist Occupied Nagaland

Free Nagaland
Fighting for a Free Nagaland
NPMHR (Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights)
Human Rights Abuses in Nagaland
Nagaland Homepage
Human Rights Abuses in Nagaland
UNPO - Nagaland
Human Rights Abuses in Nagaland
South Asian Voice
Oppression of Nagas and Christians in Kautilyan India.

Brahminist Occupied Manipur

Manipur People's Liberation Front
Revolutionary People's Front, Manipur
People's Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak

Brahminist Occupied Tripura

Tripuri Resistance against Brahminist Tyranny

Brahminist Occupied Nepal

Mongol National Organisation
Brahminist Atrocities in Nepal
Atrocities on Mongol Buddhists
The true face of Brahmanism in Nepal

Brahminist Genocides

Genocide in Kashmir Photo Gallery
Shocking pictures of Brahmanic brutality.
Atrocities in Brahmin-Occupied Kashmir
KRIS' photo archive
Genocide of Women in Hinduism
Mass murder of 50 million women by Brahmins

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