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Steven's News

Welcome to Steven's News. Whenever I'm bored enough to update this, you will find either what's new with me or what's important to me in the news... or a little of column A and a little of column B... That, or I might just decide to rant and/or rave. But it doesn't really matter because you'll probably not want to read this. Enjoy!

August 10, 2001- Math Camp!

This one ought to be exciting... It has been about three weeks since Math Camp, but I still feel like writing about it...

It all started one day in math class. It was sometime in May, I think. Jessica and I were talking when Mrs. Livingstone came over and asked me to see her after class. Jessica decided that it must be a math camp, because I had recently gotten home from a science camp. So, naturally, Jessica proceeded to make fun of me about this for a while, but we knew it couldn't be a math camp. That was absurd! So at the end of class, I went to talk to Mrs. Livingstone.

"Now Steven," she began. "Every year, we nominate two students from Park View to go to a wonderful Math Camp that they put on at Dalhousie. I would like to nominate you." (*Note: these are not her exact words. I may have a good memory, but not that good!)

It hit me like a rock. I couldn't resist smiling, seeing as Jessica and I had just finished joking about some fictional "Math Camp." Luckily, Mrs. Livingstone took it as my being happy about being selected. It wasn't that I wasn't, but it would be too much work to explain otherwise to her. I said that it would be great, and she gave me a form to fill out. My only worry, if we ignore the whole concept of Math Camp, was that it would be at the same time as Band Camp, which I was not missing.

It wasn't at the same time as Band Camp, so not much happened for a while. I was happy, because I didn't think that I had that good of a chance at being selected. Only about 20 people from around the province are selected to go, so they base it on marks, and extra-curricular activites. We sent in the form, though Mrs. Livingstone had to fill it out at school, because somewhere along the line I was unaware of when it had to be in. But nevertheless, it was sent in.

After school had ended, imagine my surprise when I get a letter telling me that I had been accepted. I wasn't even on the waiting list. I still wasn't sure if I wanted to go, but it was an "opportunity" to quote my mom. So, the day after I got home from Band Camp, I had to pack my bags and head out again.

It really wasn't that bad. The people were no nerdier than I am. (no comments are necessary about that statement!) The camp was run by two professor, who were a little hard to understand, but they were very nice. There were two councillors, James and Dee. It took a while for people to start talking, but after some "ice-breaker" games (that actually worked) things went better.

The week was mostly uneventfull, but it was interesting. Sunday night, we went on a tour of Halifax on the "Harbor Hopper"- an amphibious boat/bus. That was pretty cool, but it was so foggy/smoggy, we couldn't see anything. On Monday, we went bowling at the Halifax Shopping Centre, though we just played pool for most of the time. Tuesday night, we had lectures, then watched the Matrix. Wednesday night was a pizza party and an Amazon tournament. (It's a game, kind of like chess, or checkers.) Thursday night was the best, though: we went to see Shakespeare by the Sea. That was awesome. It was Twelfth Night, and it was really cool.

During the day, we had lectures, which were kind of boring, but some of them were very interesting. (But some were not...) Staying awake became hard, considering they let us stay up as late as we wanted to every night. We went to the Dalplex every afternoon, but the first day of it sucked. Some of us went swimming. Bryan and I spent about a half an hour trying to find the change room... When we finally got to the pool, we swam in the deep end for a while with Crystal and Julie. But then the swimming team came, and we had to go to the shallow pool. That was okay. We played tag among the lane lines. But then we got kicked out of there, because people supposedly wanted to swim laps... There was no one there trying or wanting to swim laps, but whatever. So we got stuck among these little kids, without even enough room to move. We left.I only got to enjoy Dalplex for that one day, anyway, because of a certain incident...

On Tuesday, we played Ultimate Frisbee on the field. We played for a while, and it was pretty fun. But guess what. I rolled my ankle- really badly. I was just kind of standing there, and it gave out on me. Down I fell! I managed to walk over to the stands and I watched to rest of the game. It didn't hurt much at the time, but it got progressively worse and worse. By that night, I couldn't walk. We iced it, and they bought me a wrap, but I was limping for about a week after.

My limping caused a separate story. We were walking to our first lecture of the morning (I think it was Wednesday), but it was raining. So, Dee decided to take us through some underground tunnels to get there dry. Now, I had hurt my ankle, so was walking slowly, and Maeghan was walking at my pace to talk with me. Well, there were a lot of corners in these underground tunnels, and as time went by, Maeghan and I could no longer see the rest of the group. We thought we saw them, and started following, but we ended up following the Shad Valley camp people. We eventually found our way outside, but to a place on campus that we had never seen before. We wandered a bit, hoping to find the building where all of our other lectures had taken place. After asking for directions we eventually found it. But no one else was there! So we were trying to decide what to do when James came up the elevator. Apparently the class was being held in another building so that we could use computers... Anyway, that was my adventure for the week...

Nothing else interesting happened during the week, but I think that I'll at least mention the names of the people there, mostly for my own reference than for anything else. There was Maeghan, Julie, Mitchell, Marcus, Karen, Rebecca, Matthew, Michael, Brent, Bethany, Crystal, Bryan, Kathleen, Danielle, Daniel, Ashley, Tony, Brendan and Andrew. Not that these names will mean anything to any one else, but oh well... That's it for now!

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