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Steven's News

Welcome to Steven's News. Whenever I'm bored enough to update this, you will find either what's new with me or what's important to me in the news... or a little of column A and a little of column B... That, or I might just decide to rant and/or rave. But it doesn't really matter because you'll probably not want to read this. Enjoy!

August 9, 2001- Thu Wundars uf 'Raslin'!

Well, at least now, I can say that I've been to a wrestling match...

On Tuesday night, I received a call from Dominique. Apparently, she was going to a wrestling match that night, and wanted to know if I could come with her. You can imagine my surprise. Well, I said yes, seeing as I've been bored out of my mind for quite some time now.

So, off we went to Real Action Wrestling, featuring wrestlers such as The Acadian Giant, Flesh Gordon, and Corporal Chaos! Unfortunately, I got there before Dominique, but I waited in the car. There was NO way I was going in there by myself.

You see, Dominique's dad heard about this wrestling and decided it would be hilarious and that he should bring to bring Spud (Dominique's brother Sam) and their cousin who was visiting from... well... somewhere. Dominique and her mother decided to go along as well, but Dom decided to phone someone. Naturally she decided to phone me.

It was being held at the arena in Lunenburg, but there wasn't much of a crowd. The people that were there, however were interesting... (I don't think that much of an explanation is necessary as to what I mean by interesting.) Katelyn was there... We sat down (as far away from the ring as possible) and started talking. It is my belief that Dominique and I were the only people in a 5km radius discussing Crime and Punishment.

Anyway, the wrestling started, and boy was it pitiful. Everyone knows that wrestling is fake, but here, it was painfully obvious. The wrestlers didn't even moderately look like they were hitting their opponents. They made everything so dramatic, except they couldn't act. It was hilarious! At one point, the announcer actually started laughing, but he basically managed to cover it up with his hand. I doubt anyone but us noticed- the fans were so completely into it! I don't know if they didn't realize that it was fake or what, but they were definately into it.

The crowd was yelling, swearing and making profane gestures to the wrestlers, and the wrestlers were making them right back. At one point, a fat old lady got in an argument with one of the wrestlers, and even started dancing around him tauntingly- or so I heard. Dominique and I left after about 45 minutes.

It was funny, and it was an experiance, but it wasn't worth staying for. Dominique and I walked out, and walked to Tim Horton's. We ran into some people on the way, talked with them for a while, and then went on to Tim's. We stayed there for more than an hour, and then went back to the arena. Thank God, it was over, just as we walked in. Dominique wanted to buy a t-shirt (as well as a few other articles of clothing...) but her parents talked her out of it. Then we went home. As I said, it was an experiance!

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main page quotes all about me games news