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Steven's News

May 25, 2001- Argh!

This time around, I am using my news section to vent my "fustration." For the past two weeks, I have had no free time whatsoever. And you'll never guess what my time was taken up doing. Yes- that's right! HOMEWORK!! Anyone in the majority of my classes knows exactly what I mean. Let's see, where should I start...

It all began a week or two ago (actually, it was exactly two weeks ago!), when our history teachers decided that we hadn't been working hard enough. I'll admit, they were completely right, but that didn't exactly constitute amount of homework we were given. The first thing that we had to do was an essay on nationalsim. It was only 250 words long, but we also had to make a chart for about nine countries describing the conditions before 1848. That was also not so bad, but the problem was getting time to work on it. We had to use two really big and heavy books that we couldn't take home. Once we were allowed to take them home, we barely had anytime to work on it, because of other various homework. To add on to that, we had to complete to science labs for the same day. Either of these taken by themselves would have been no problem, but together- nope. I got them done, but had to stay up late. Luckily, with one of the science labs, we had a problem that we needed help for the teacher. He let us have the weekend to finish it, because the absolutely-wonderful teacher says he would rather have it late than done wrong.These two assignments taken by themselves wouldn't have been too much of a problem, but wait! There's more! On the same day that we were assigned the first history assignment, we were assigned two more. For the first, we had to read two lengthy chapters from our text book and write notes on them. This is actually quite a lot of work. It's not hard, but it's time consuming. Then came the motherload. We were given a list of 100 questions that had to be answered. They ranged from the first three popes to the names of the seven dwarfs. It sounds easy enough, but I'll tell, it's not. There were very few that I new off the top of my head, and most of them were hard to find. (I still don't know the seven signs of the apocalypse, and I don't want to know!)To add on to that, we had to write the proper bibliographical notation for every source of the information that we found. They assigned this because a lot of people failed a test we had on a chapter we were supposed to read, and this was to make up for the points they lost. I personally did quite well, so I was not incredibly happy about this assignment.

So we worked on all of this homework constantly. There were also several poem commentaries, and other time consuming homework that didn't make things better, but we survived. Last weekend was a long weekend, and I decided to work the whole weekend to get ahead of my homework. I worked the entire weekend, and when Monday night came, I realized that even after working straight for three days, I was not even half done the homework that I had.

So this week, I have been doing homework constantly every night. On Thursday I had a document study and a science test, both of which took up the entire night before. So, that left me Thursday night (last night to finish the 100 questions. I had 30 of them done. Needless to say, I was up all night, but with the help of my parents, I got about half of it done. I got all of the answers, but did not have my sources done properly. Oh, and did I mention the math test that I had today? I had to study for that too, but I only mnaged a half an hour between doing the 100 questions. Luckily, that test was insanely easy. But I arrived today, and asked my history teacher if I would lose more points for pasing it in late, or incomplete. She told me that she would correct it, and then tell me if it was worth fixing. Later on, she tells us that we get to keep the higher mark out of the test and the 100 questions, and seeing as I got 100 on my test, it made me doing the 100 questions completely pointless. Unfortunately, I need my teacher's recommendation to get into a course I really want to be in next year, so I had to at least try.

My history class then proceeded to give my teacher a hard time about the questions and saying that the other class has it easier than us. That's true, but I don't think that it's her fault. First of all, The 100 questions are not completely useless. I suppose that you learn research skills and get practice on bibliographical notation, but we just didn't have enough time. It's just like there is a comspiracy among the teachers to give us all this homework at the same time. I don't blame them, but I don't like the situation either. The fact the other class has it easier than us doesn't really bother me either. It just makes us more prepared, and moe used to the work. They're not honour courses for nothing. Sometimes it seems like everyone just wants a free ride, but I will admit that we were put in an extremely stressfull situation. Ohwell, at least the worst of it is over... for now...

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