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May 5, 2001- Tina Wins Survivor!

It was a hard 15 weeks... and an even worse 42 days for the contestants on Survivor, everyone's (except Jayme, Lindsay and Dad's) favourite show. Because of my wonderful luck, I just happened to be away the night that the Finale was on- and didn't I have two tapes set, and have Jennifer tape it for me as well. I practically had to plug my ears, and stay isolated from any type of media so that the surprise would not be ruined. I've wanted Tina to win for quite some time now (If Elisabeth,Rodger, Alicia, or Jeff didn't win.) and was quite happy when it happened. I was almost positive that Colby was going to win: He's won almost every challenge, Reward or Immunity. Going along with that reasoning, I knew he would be in the final two. Everyone loves Tina, because she's nice (that's really the only way of putting it) and I never suspected that Colby would chose her over Keith. You don't have much of a chance of people picking you to win when you're up against Tina.

After Colby won the Immunity Challenge (you can't tell me that you weren't expecting it!) I was sure that Colby would vote Tina out of the tribe so that he would be up against Keith and would be almost guaranteed to win. To my surprise, he picked Tina! Why, I'm still not really sure about. Maybe she was the mastermind and convinced Colby to pick her, or maybe Colby would be happier if Tina won the money instead of Keith. Either way, she was in the final two. I still wasn't sure if Tina would win though, because my mom (who already knew who had won) said some things that made me suspicious. It just turned out to be my imagination, but still...

Anyway... After sitting through questions and voting, they were kind enough to reveal the winner at the beginning of the reunion. I knew that it would be close, and boy was I right. Tina won, 4 - 3. Alicia, Jerri, Keith and Elisabeth all voted for Tina, while Rodger, Amber and Nick voted for Colby. Many of them mention Tina being behind their "alliance" and used it to justify voting for her either way- that she's the Ultimate Survivor because of this, or that she isn't the Ultimate Survivor because of this. Either way she won.

Despite the fact that this was the last episode, the finale, I don't think that it was the best episode. They tried to make it too dramatic, and acted as if the others who had already been voted off were dead (The "Rites of Passage"- give me a break!). The whole idol thing was even worse. Anyway, it's over and we can all get back to our "normal" lives.

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